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08/06/2010 Carnival Of Madness: Shinedown, Chevelle, Puddle of Mudd, Sevendust, 10 Years (Canandaigua, NY @ CMAC)

By Eric | August 17, 2010 5:30 pm

Because there were five bands on the bill, the show started promptly at 5:30pm, and as such I had to jet out of work early to haul down to CMAC. Thankfully, I took all backroads and ran into absolutely no traffic, got right in, and was walking in just as 10 Years finished their first song. Due to 5th row seats, I was super close, and didn’t bother going to the end of my row, rather staying towards the middle of the stage (my seat was to the left). I had an excellent spot for the show, and the next song was the big single from the first album, Wasteland. Lead singer Jesse Hasek was wandering all over the stage, hopping the barrier and coming out into the first couple rows of seats for a song or two. The fans that showed up early were rewarded with a lot of energy from the band, who mixed it up with three new tracks off their upcoming Feeding the Wolves album, and two apiece from the prior two albums. Such is the fate of the early opener, who tried very hard to win over the crowd, which by the end of the set they did, especially during the closer, new pre-single Shoot It Out, as Hasek made it pretty far up the aisle to the top of the seating! I just recently got into these guys because they were opening, and I liked what I heard on the albums, and their live show didn’t disappoint either. 10 Years Setlist: Now Is The Time, Wasteland, Dead In The Water, Beautiful, Russian Roulette, Actions & Motives, Shoot It Out.


There were a sizeable number of people quite excited for the next band on. SEVENDUST HAS ARRIVED! So did the fans! The place filled in a little more by this point, and the boys got a huge pop as they came out. Sevendust is not a band to see in a seated venue (See Darien Lake a couple years ago), but we try haha. They opened with Splinter, and ripped through the way-too-short set with only Angel’s Son in the middle to calm things down. I had wandered down to the 2nd row for the first part of the set, but naturally people started to show up, and during Angel’s Son I retreated (oh so far) back to my 5th row spot, to my rightful seat, and had a great vantage point. The crowd seemed to have a lot of jump for them, but again, in seats, it kinda hard to tell with 7D. As you can see from the videos, the boys were wandering all over the stage, jumping around like always, and I thought they sounded pretty damn good. Sevendust Setlist: Splinter, Praise, Denial, Angel’s Son, Driven, Unraveling, Face To Face.


Puddle of Mudd was up next, and they were even more boring than they were with Shinedown in February. However, most of the crowd seemed to love them. It was just a truncated version of the set I saw in February, therefore I’d seen it all before. TNT cover and everything. Nothing too notable. Puddle of Mudd setlist: Control, Livin’ on Borrowed Time, Spaceship, Blurry, Stoned, TNT (AC/DC cover), Psycho, She Hates Me.

After Puddle of Mudd’s set, I headed out to the concourse for bathrooms, beer, food, etc. I was checking out the merch booth and just getting in line for some food when who should appear from beyond one of the gated areas, but Lajon from Sevendust! There were a couple of people moving over to meet him, but not a swarm (yet!), and I was lucky enough to time things right to say hi and get a picture with him. So I get the phone set up and give it to some girl to take the pic, and of all things, LJ’s asking me about my iPhone case! (It’s a SwitchEasy Capsule Rebel for those scoring at home.) He’s like “Is that an Otterbox?” “Nope, it’s better!” Gotta love it! Granted, my interaction was all of 45 seconds, but he was super nice, just as he was with every other fan he met and took pics with. A real class act, and just solidifies my love for this band!


After grabbing said beers and food, I got back to my seat just as Chevelle was starting. I was very interested in seeing them again, considering the last time was at Water Street in 2005. They’re still a 3-piece, and while there wasn’t a ton of crowd interaction or moving around (almost the anti-Sevendust in that regard), the set was solid. Just like ’05, nothing from Point #1, and strangely, a couple of singles missing (Vitamin R, Well Enough Alone), but what we did get was high quality. Having said all that, I’m still baffled how they got the direct support slot, and how Sevendust was stuck behind both them and PoM. Makes no sense. Chevelle setlist: The Clincher, Jars, Send The Pain Below, Forfeit, Comfortable Liar, The Red, Sleep Apnea, Closure, Letter From A Thief, I Get It.

So after the requisite set change, the main event came out. Shinedown kicked off with a bang with Sound of Madness, and mixed up the set order a bit this time around, which was nice for people like me who’ve seen them three times on this album cycle already. And b-side city this time! First was the song from The Expendables soundtrack, “Diamond Eyes”, then later on we got “Her Name is Alice”, and like February, “Son of Sam”. (They opened the encore with Simple Man, but that’s not even really a b-side for them anymore.) Band-wise, they were in fine form. Voice-wise, Brent was still selling out notes here and there, but again, the rest of the guys stepped up the backing vocals, and it sounded a lot better / a little harder to tell. Do what ya gotta do I guess. During the encore, they brought out a couple of the dudes in 10 Years and Sevendust and had a dice game right on the stage! Said encore started with Simple Man, then they had an extended jam during Fly From The Inside where Brent ran all the way up to the lawn through the aisles and back down again. They closed the show with Second Chance, and concluded a fairly impressive night of music and spectacle. Hard to argue with a 5th row seat, the majority of the bands putting on rockin’ shows, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my seat neighbors Kirsten and Pete, who hauled in from ‘Cuse and were awesome to chat with!
Shinedown setlist: Sound Of Madness, Devour, I Dare You, Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide, If You Only Knew, Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom), 45, Heroes, The Crow And The Butterfly, Her Name Is Alice, Save Me, Son of Sam, Left Out. Encore: Simple Man, Fly From The Inside, Second Chance.


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