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Maroon 5 – 2004 – Songs About Jane

By Eric | December 23, 2013 1:00 am

Artist: Maroon 5
Title: Songs About Jane
Label: Octone / J Records
Released: Jul 29, 2004
Packaging: Jewel Case / Slipcover
Pack-in DVD
Release Type: Import


#Harder to Breathe
#This Love
#She Will Be Loved
#Must Get Out
#Sunday Morning
#Through with You
#Not Coming Home [Live]
#Sweetest Goodbye
#Rag Doll [*]
#Harder to Breathe [Acoustic][Live][*]
#This Love [Acoustic][Live][*]
#This Love [Kanye West Remix][*]


Yes, I own Maroon 5. It took me forever to get it too. However, patience is a virtue, because I got the Australian import version for the same price as the regular American version, and got a bunch of nifty differences. The bulk of the album is the same, but strangely, Not Coming Home is a live version (in the middle of the album!). Then there’s the requisite bonus tracks: A b-side called Rag Doll, acoustic versions of Harder to Breathe and This Love, and then the Kanye West remix of This Love. And a different cover. Oh yeah, needless to say, yes, I actually like these guys. đŸ™‚

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