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01/20/2003 3 Doors Down, Theory of a Deadman (Rochester, NY @ Harro East Ballroom)

By Eric | January 20, 2003 11:59 pm

I hadn’t been to Harro East since Chris Cornell 3 years ago, and I forgot how nice of a place it is. Me and Tiff got there about 5:50, because the doors were opening at 6:30. They even let us wait in the lobby area instead of freezing our asses off. They pushed us back outside when they were about to let people in, and thankfully we were in the middle, because the side doors got closed. We got in right away and got barrier. Waited an hour for Theory to come out, and when they did, they rocked the place HARD. They opened with Invisible Man, and I was immediately rockin out… Their lead singer, Tyler, noticed me right away, and proceeded to try for the rest of the night to throw a pick to me… none of them even coming close hehehe…. Next was What You Deserve, Point to Prove, and The Last Song. Then came my favorite, Any Other Way, and Nothing Could Come Between Us (which everyone knew, so that one was especially cool). Make Up Your Mind was next, and they closed the set with Leg To Stand On. They sounded really good, had a lot of energy, and looked like they were having fun up on the stage. I managed to snag a setlist after begging and pleading hehee. We only had to wait about 20 minutes or so for 3DD to come out, and opened with Not Enough… I can’t remember the exact order, but after that, there were a couple more from the first album, including Duck and Run, Better Life, and then switching to The Road I’m On, When I’m Gone, and Away From the Sun from the new album. They also played Kryptonite, Be Like That, By My Side, Down Poison, and then from the new one, Here Without You, and then they played Going Down in Flames, although I’d swear it wasn’t on the setlist, and it kinda sounded like it. All the other songs sounded great to that point, but I think they need to work on this one a bit more, the changes weren’t smooth and Brad wasn’t comfortable singing in the key he was in I don’t think. After that they did Changes and closed the main set with Sara Yellin’ which for me was their best song of the night. They came back for a one-song encore of Loser. 3dd sounded much better, and were more exciting to watch this time around then they had been before. I’m thinking this may be due to the fact that the new album isn’t played out yet (for me anyway), and they’re not headling over someone way more deserving, like they have before. So the show was a lot of fun, worth going to, and the best part of all, we were done by 10!! It’s about time they started getting us out at a decent hour… 🙂

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