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02/07/2003 Our Lady Peace, Greenwheel (Rochester, NY @ RIT Clark Gym)

By Eric | February 7, 2003 11:59 pm

I waited 5 years for OLP to come to RIT, hoping and dreaming, and then when it finally happened, it wasn’t as good as it could have been. Not the show itself, and I’m impressed as hell that RIT got OLP to begin with. However, The doors were supposed to open at 7, so we got there about 6:45 thinking we wouldnt have to freeze so much. Nope, first 7:30, then it was 8 before we got in!!! Frozen! (Shades of OLP @ water street in 2001!) Rumor has it that the soundcheck wasn’t to OLP’s liking, and also that they were goofing around for a while beforehand… Finally got in and huddled together getting warm, and Greenwheel came out about 8:20 I believe, very quickly 🙂 They didn’t disappoint at all, and I think they had a lot more support this time around since everyone saw them with Hoobastank when they came here. They got a bit longer set this time, opening with Shelter, and then into Faces, Identity, Flood, Everything, Radiance (which we didn’t get last time), Breathe, Dim Halo, Strong, and closed with The End (which we also didn’t get last time!) OLP actually came out a short time afterwards, the set change wasn’t that long. This turned out to be the roughest RIT show I’ve ever been to, and naturally, we get behind the one jackass on the barrier that thinks he’s gonna push everyone back… so he slams his ass backwards, right into Tiff’s stomach. She kinda got the wind knocked out of her, so we got out of the crowd and found everyone on the bleachers. OLP’s set sounded good, but Raine can’t hit anything anymore… also, the setlist selection left a little to be desired for me, there was only 1 song off of Happiness, and only 1 off of Spiritual Machines… I don’t remember the order, but they opened with Naveed, into Superman’s Dead, then the order gets fuzzy, but we got All For You, Do You Like It, Not Enough, Birdman, Clumsy, Is Anybody Home, Innocent, Are You Sad, a new song called Our Time is Fading, Whatever, then closed the main set with Starseed. For the encore, they did a song I’ve never seen them do, a cover of The Cars’ Drive, followed by Somewhere Out There, and closed it out with 4am. As I said with the Water Street show over the summer, the show itself was good, but its just not like it was when Mike was with them. I was also surprised at the shortness of the set, they played a bit longer at Water Street, and I still would have liked to have seen maybe Right Behind You, Life, One Man Army, more stuff from Happiness and Naveed. It’s still one of the best RIT shows I’ve seen, so it wasn’t a total bummer, thankfully Greenwheel redeemed the show 🙂

Greenwheel – Breathe

Greenwheel – Dim Halo

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