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02/21/2009 Disturbed, Skindred, Caustic (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

By Eric | February 23, 2009 4:59 pm

To preface this, the doors were supposed to open at 7pm, with the show at 8. Tiff and I rolled up on the Armory at about 7:15, and the line was already down the street and around the corner, and the doors didn’t look open yet. Traffic was crazy, because as luck would have it, there was a show at the Auditorium Theater across the street as well. So we twiddled our thumbs in traffic on Main Street and actually were able to pull into the church parking lot next door with no real problem. And surprisingly, there were tons of spots! We meandered back down the driveway, and since Tiff was on her crutches, everyone pretty much gave us a pass as we cut about 3/4 of the line. Milk it for all its worth! We still waited for about a half-hour to get in, and once inside, we grabbed one of the tables off to the left side, right by the doors, so Tiff could sit. It actually worked out rather well all night.

For those of you about to say, “Tiff doesn’t like Disturbed, why the hell did she go?”, the reason Tiff even came was because at the time of ticket purchase, Sevendust was on the bill, but due to the fact that they’re coming back with Black Label Society in April, they opted off this date. Only date with Disturbed they’re not playing. By the time we found that out, we already had the (somewhat expensive) tickets, and Tiff figured she’d come hang out and watch anyway, plus meet up with Adam and her friend Scott from work. Since there was no 7D, I wasn’t going to be “pitting” this one anyway, so it’s not like I was gonna be cranky not being in the middle of everything.

The first band, Caustic, was on as we walked in. Unbeknownst to me, they’re an upstate NY band, and apparently have some of their songs featured on the WEC MMA shows. They were pretty good, standard-fare metal, but we only caught like two songs. I’m sure a full set would probably hold my interest.

Skindred was up next, and I’ve heard a couple tunes before (“Nobody” in particular), so I kinda knew what to expect. They brought their best “Roots Rock Riot” and had the entire crowd bouncing for most of their 40-min set. The ragga-punk-roots-whatever you wanna call it was a lot of fun. I have no clue about order, nor if this is complete, but songs I was able to gather were “Roots Rock Riot”, “Trouble”, “Rat Race”, “Pressure”, and “Nobody”. There may have been one or two more. Definitely a good time with these UK boys!


Then it was Disturbed time. The place was pretty much packed (not sure if it sold out or not, but it had to be close), and Adam and Scott had joined us by this point. After the canned intro music, the guys came out and ripped into Perfect Insanity. The set, (and setlist, for that matter) was quite similar to what Adam and I saw at Mayhem in July, with two additions and two switches. The first six songs were identical, and the last five were the same as well. In the middle, we got Land Of Confusion, Deify, Divide, and Haunted (as opposed to Mayhem, where we didn’t get any of those, and got Ten Thousand Fists and Criminal instead). They sounded great again, Draiman was cracking in one or two spots, but overall the vocals were strong as well. Big crowd pops, and the pit looked way more active than at any point at Mayhem. It’s always a different perspective standing on the sidelines vs. being in the middle of it all, and you get to see things you normally wouldn’t. Like security “escorting” people out the doors we were camped next to. And by “escorting”, I mean “opening the door with the dude’s face”. And a chick fight too, notable for the one girl wrapping her arms around the doorframe post, wailing, “I PAID A LOT OF MONEY FOR THIS TICKET! YOU CAN’T THROW ME OUT!”. Yes honey, yes they can. A little bit of everything on this night!

Intro / Perfect Insanity / Liberate

Overall, another excellent show, only minorly dampened by the lack of Sevendust. And Tiff’s a trooper for making it through a Disturbed show with nary a complaint!

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