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10/16/2008 Trivium, All That Remains, 36 Crazyfists, The Human Abstract (Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom)

By Eric | October 16, 2008 11:59 pm

I was really really excited for this show, as it’s been ages since I’d seen ATR, just slightly less of a time for Trivium, and then not having a festival crowd for 36CF was going to be great. As I was able to work the day at Fairgrounds, I didn’t have to make the back-and-forth Rochester trip, and thus got to the venue around 6pm. As I’m walking up Washington St. towards the ballroom, three guys in hoodies come around a corner in front of me. I catch up to them, to find that it was Phil and Mike (who I misidentified, sorry!) from All That Remains! So I got to chat with them for about a block before heading into the ballroom. Always fun meeting the band! I got in and was watching The Human Abstract’s set when Adam made his way in. THA is described as progressive metal, and they were decent, but not something I’m really into. They would have had to be phenomenal to have any effect though, because Adam and I were both jacked to see 36CF.

We made our way down to the floor, and much like the Mayhem festival, they opened with I’ll Go Until My Heart Stops, right into The End Of August. Again, there were a good number of people that knew the songs, which always makes it more fun when you’re bouncing around down front. Can’t remember the order completely, but they also played We Gave It Hell, The Heart and the Shape, Felt Through a Phone Line, Elysium, Installing the Catheter, and the closer was The All Night Lights. Just about the same set as Mayhem, except no Bloodwork. Cool by me! One of my favorite songs by them is Elysium, so I was especially psyched for that song.

The All Night Lights

We didn’t get much of a break, as All That Remains had the next slot. They’d been alternating “headlining” sets with Trivium on the tour, and ATR was playing first on this night. It’d been since June of 2005 that I’d seen them, on the tour for This Darkened Heart, so two albums later, I was more than ready to see them again. The crowd was really into them, knew most of the songs, and there were just as many ATR shirts as Trivium shirts, which was cool to me, because Trivium seems to get more recognition. Phil, Mike, Olli and crew were on point, tearing into the songs and the crowd gave it right back. They sounded great, and the setlist was a good mix between the latest two albums, with a nod to the older stuff as well. I really don’t remember the order, but they played This Calling, Not Alone, It Dwells In Me, Become The Catalyst, The Air That I Breathe,The Weak Willed, Six, Before The Damned, Two Weeks, Undone, Chiron, For Salvation, and This Darkened Heart. This Calling was actually the closer, and everyone sang along which was really cool. The crowd was good for the most part, save for one 15 year old kid on the barrier that decided to make the “I’m gonna push back and slam everyone behind me” move, which absolutely killed the girl behind him, who happened to be right in front of me. Needless to say, I reached over the girl, put the kid in a headlock and screamed right in his ear that if he did that again, I’d rip his nuts off and let the girl get a shot in too. Between me, her, and her boyfriend (who was next to kid A, also threatening him), I think he got the message. Everyone else was pretty cool.

Become The Catalyst


Before The Damned

For Salvation

This Calling

Adam and I were pretty much done by that point, so we got out, got a beer, and retreated to the outer bar area near the merch booth. The drummer from 36, Tom, was out there, so I talked to him for a second and gave him a little bit of crap for the Rangers logo on his drumkit. I told him “you know you’re in Sabres country, right?” He laughed and said he was kinda dreading coming here, as the Rangers had just lost to the Sabres a night or two before. Apparently all the guys in the band are hockey fans (they’re from Alaska), so that fact alone makes them okay in my book! I also got to talk to Brock, the lead singer from 36, and thanked him for coming back around after Mayhem, and told him we had a great time in the pit. He mentioned “Dude, I saw you down there singing, that was badass!” He’s a Flyers fan, so he thanked us for Biron and Briere… haha. The 36CF dudes are really nice guys, they spent a bit of time with everyone that wanted to talk. Nice to see.

Once their set started, Adam and I went up to the “balcony” behind the soundboard to watch Trivium. I like these guys, I like the songs, and they sound great, but I can’t get over the feeling like every time I see them live, it’s missing something. I don’t feel nearly the same inclination to get in the pit and jump around for them as I do other bands (36 and ATR this time, and Lamb Of God the last time). They certainly have the stage antics down pat though, with no less that five microphones spread across the stage. Heafy and crew sounded good though, mixed up the songs between the albums, and had the crowd into it. Since I didn’t write anything down this time, I lifted this setlist from the Trivium message board: Kirisute Gomen, Becoming The Dragon, Insurrection, A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation, Like Light To The Flies, Into The Mouth of Hell We March, Down From The Sky, Rain (I love this song, so this made their set for me!) and closed with Pull Harder On The String Of Your Martyr.

Kirisute Gomen (Embedding was disabled, so here’s a link.)

The two shows in two nights were great, tiring, and I think got the metal out of my system for a little bit!

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