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02/28/1998 Our Lady Peace, Jack Drag (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

By Eric | February 28, 1998 11:59 pm

My first show at Water Street! Myself, Jon, and his girlfriend at the time wandered up the Thruway for this. The opener was Jack Drag, who in no way were memorable, save for the fact that a good number of us were hoping it was Black Lab instead, which would have made for a better opener (and did, later that May).

This was a typical US Clumsy show for the era, heavy on that album, with Automatic Flowers as the opener. I seem to remember this being the first time I ever saw the strobe-light treatment for The Birdman, and they used a video screen as accompaniment for some of the songs (the middle part of Naveed in particular, with Sol Fox reciting the actual Our Lady Peace poem).

Mike Turner’s guitar cut out right at the beginning of Let You Down. It came back in for a bit, they soldiered on with the song for a bit, but it eventually cut out again, and he was none too happy about it… Mike ended up knocking over a mic stand, and they abandoned the song. They kept it electric-guitar free for a little while longer, as 4am was the next song. The rest of the set continued on with no issues, and while Clumsy started the encore, a take on the Beatles’ Dear Prudence finished the night off. A fun show, and one I can listen back to as someone recorded the show, and I have a copy of it!

Automatic Flowers
The Birdman
Superman’s Dead
Car Crash
Let You Down (cut off)

Dear Prudence

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