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03/13/2008 Mike Doughty, The Panderers (Rochester, NY @ The German House)

By Eric | March 13, 2008 11:59 pm

Matt and I ventured to the The German House, which is a venue I’d never been to. It’s as nice as the Harro East ballroom, but about half the size. Real nice place, and a perfect venue for someone like Doughty. The first act on, that we missed most of, didn’t have a name, and seemed to be members of Doughty’s band (and maybe himself too) dressed in disguise and making a lot of noise, without much music. Somewhat interesting. The real openers were a band Mike has just signed to his new label, and they’re called The Panderers. The name didn’t fit, only because they didn’t pander to anyone! They’re a three piece (two of the guys also played with Mike), and it’s real stripped-down indie rock. Neat stuff, good groove, fun enough to listen to. I enjoyed them.

The cool thing about this show is that it was being taped for a future episode of WXXI’s “OnStage”, so hopefully we’ll see this on TV sometime soon (looking at their schedule, I’m guess June at the earliest!). Mike and the band came out, and ran through an hour and a half of his brand of rock-n-roll. Considering I’m not at all familiar with his new album, and don’t even have the older stuff down much, he’s such a great performer that it didn’t matter. Head-bopping, toe-tapping music all night, the vast majority was from the new Golden Delicious album, but a fair amount from his older stuff, including some Soul Coughing. It’s hard to describe other than a great show! At one point, he picked up a sampler, and started riffing on that, much like a DJ, for the song “More Bacon Than The Pan Can Handle” (of which they were also selling shirts adorned with that slogan!). It was pretty neat to see the electronics merged with the relative simplicity of the rest of the music. Matt and I definitely enjoyed ourselves, and I think I like Doughty even more now, after having seen this show, than I did before.

There’s no way this is in order, but here’s what I’m pretty sure got played: Fort Hood, Put It Down, More Bacon…, 27 Jennifers, I Wrote A Song About Your Car, Navigating By The Stars At Night, …Bottom Of A Well, Busting Up A Starbucks, I Hear The Bells, Grey Ghost, Down On The River…, Ossining, Move On, Circles (SC), Sleepless/Soft Serve (SC), Is Chicago (SC), Janine (SC), plus a little cover medley of Lola (The Kinks), Paradise City (GNR), and then into his cover of The Gambler (Kenny Rogers), which was awesome!!

Is Chicago…



More Bacon Than The Pan Can Handle

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