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04/18/2003 Sister Hazel, Jared Campbell (Harrisburg, PA @ The Whitaker Center)

By Eric | April 18, 2003 11:59 pm

Tiff and Becca’s Excellent Adventure would be an apt title for this, since Sister Hazel is the absolute favorite band for both of them, but that’s not to say I didn’t have a good time! 4.5 hours to Harrisburg, PA from Rochester, and well worth the trip. We got into Harrisburg much earlier than we thought we would… so we had essentially 3.5 hours to kill before they opened the doors… there was a mall-like shopping center attached to the Whitaker center… so we checked that out… got some dinner, bought some playing cards, and sat up on a covered walkway/bridge that had a perfect overlook of where Sister Hazel’s bus was parked… naturally, this came in handy! We saw a couple people start hanging out by the bus, then one of the guys came off the bus… so we raced down there, and the girls got pictures with two of the guys (Jeff, the bass player, and Ryan, lead guitarist). After much more bumming around, we got into the small-ish 660-seat theater, found our seats in the 2nd tier (although still a great view, and rather close!) and watched the opener, Jared Campbell. He’s from Binghamton, and it was just him and his acoustic guitar, and he wasn’t half bad. I remarked to Tiff that “I liked him better when he called himself John Mayer”, because he did kinda sound like him. Just like last night… he starts goofing around and playing the beginnning of Mayer’s “No Such Thing”… dead on! I’m two for two 🙂 He did a bit more goofing around, playing snippets of a Dave Matthews song, and of all things, the Proclaimers! And oh yeah, his own stuff was pretty decent also!


Then it was Sister Hazel time… they sounded excellent, and looked to be having all kinds of fun up on the stage. The setlist was: Life Got In The Way, Just Remember, Change Your Mind, Your Mistake, Champagne High, Beautiful Thing, Everybody, Strange Cup of Tea, Your Winter, Swan Dive, All For You, Happy, and Thank You. Come Around was on the list but for whatever reason didn’t get played. I was very impressed with the musicianship and talent that these guys have, and the crowd seemed to be really into it as well. I think I had more fun just watching Tiff and Becca become all giddy and excited, as I usually am at shows! I took some pictures, but from the distance we were at, and it’s a digital camera, a lot of them are kinda blurry (I’m posting them anyway!). After the set, I noticed a setlist looking kinda lonely on the stage… I ran down the stairs and by the time I got down there, it was taken. Not to be denied, I hit up the sound man, and asked if he still needed the SH setlist… he’s like “Nope…”, turns to his colleague and asks if he can give it to us, turns to me and says “Here ya go!”. 2nd setlist in a row for Tiff 🙂 So we headed into the lobby, and agreed that we weren;t going to stay for the Badlees, aside from not being interested, home would come that much earlier. However, I figured we’d wait 20 minutes or so and see if any of the Sister Hazel guys would come out. Not 5 minutes later, Jeff (who we’d met earlier), and Ken, the lead singer, came out! Jeff motioned over to us (recognizing us from before), and the guys signed Tiff’s setlist, and the girls got a picture with Ken as well… It was a great show, and the 4.5 hours back even went rather quickly… Needless to say the girls were thrilled with the show, and I had myself a great time as well! 🙂

2003-04-18 Sister Hazel @ Whitaker Center

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