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04/17/2003 Finger Eleven, Blankface (Buffalo, NY @ Showplace Theater)

By Eric | April 17, 2003 11:59 pm

I ventured down with Jason and his roommate Colin to this one… Finger Eleven taped a live DVD at this show (in fact, it was the whole point for the show, as it was an off-date for them). We got into the place, and the openers, Blankface, were a crappy local emo band. Their singer sounded just like Robert Smith from the Cure, and I remarked to Colin as such… so what do they play? A Cure cover! Love Song… blaaaaaahh… anyway, they got done, we waited around a bit, and then it was F11 time! I cant remember the order, but they opened with Above, then into a couple of new ones… Absent Elements and Last Scene of Struggling. They also played drag you down, quicksand, complicated questions (a new one), conversations (new), for the ocean, suffocate, therapy (new), other light (new), sad exchange, tip, obvious heart (new), and closed with what will be the first single off the new album, Good Times, and then First Time. There was a lull after one of the songs…. so naturally I took the opportunity to yell for Sad Exchange… Well, it was a good call, as Scott (F11 lead singer) said “Yep, you got it… there ya go loud guy! Not that that’s a bad thing, I like the enthusiasm!” and they proceeded to play it! So with any luck, maybe I’ll make it onto the DVD… 🙂 It may or may not have been the cameras, but they were much more enthusiastic than certain other times I’ve seen them, continuing the energy trend from the Fort Erie show over the summer… definately worth the $13 to get in, and the new album should be great.

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