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04/22/2003 New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, Less Than Jake, The Disasters (Rochester, NY @ Blue Cross Arena)

By Eric | April 22, 2003 11:59 pm

Disclaimer: This was Tiff’s show! Having said that, we arrived while the Disasters were on. The only real punk band on the bill, they were probably pretty good as far as punk bands go, but I have no knowledge of these things, so yeah. Whatever. Less Than Jake was next, and while they weren’t bad either, ska isn’t my thing, and as Tiff put it “They weren’t as good as I’d hoped they’d be.” My thoughts exactly. Then it was time for Good Charlotte. Now may I remind you that this crowd was mostly comprised of 13 year old girls, many of whom had never been to any type of show before (Tiff asked a couple). You’d have thought the Beatles were here or something. The screaming was louder than the band was!! The crowdsurfers came out in full force, thank God they were light, but I got landed on a couple times, and scared the bejeezus out of one of them 🙂 Anyway, all the screaming and whatnot was for naught, because let me tell ya, Good Charlotte sucks even more live than they do on TV. They just kinda stood there, not a lot of energy, the songs were about nothing in particular, and they just plain sounded bad. A couple songs out of tune, and just…. blah. After an hour of that, the set change came about, and finally the one band that Tiff wanted to see, and I was kinda interested to see NFG as well. Easily the best of the four bands, they had a hell of a lot more energy than GC did, but surprisingly, the crowd wasn’t nearly as crazy. Probably blew their wad on the first three bands… I’m sure it helped that I recognized a bunch of the NFG songs, but regardless, it seemed to me that they just had a better live show than everyone else. So despite being a crowdsurfer magnet, and pretty much feeling like a babysitter for all the 12 year olds around me (hehe Tiff didn’t really need me at this one), I managed to have a decent time.

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