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06/05/2003 doubleDrive (Rochester, NY @ Steel Music Hall)

By Eric | June 5, 2003 11:59 pm

Finally got to see these guys after like a 4 year wait! The show was actually behind the venue in the sand volleyball court, and was actually headlined by 12 Stones, but I wasn’t exactly gonna stay for them… had to get to Ithaca! Anyway, I got there at about 5:45 (doors were at 6), and dD were just starting to soundcheck. They got their levels set, and then ran through Belief System (which they ended up NOT playing during the set!). I could see perfectly over the fence, so I got to see what they looked like. They let us in at 6, and a couple of the dD guys hit the bar, so armed with a sharpie and CD covers, I approached Mike and Troy, and chatted with them for a few minutes, Josh came over, and finally Donnie did as well. All of them were really nice guys, and seemed excited that someone recognized them (and had the first CD!). So they pretty much went from talking to me to being right up on stage! There werent too many people there yet, so I parked myself dead center, and they came out with Donnie just singing the beginning of Freighttrain by himself… then they kicked into 1000 Yard Stare! After that, (my order gets fuzzy!) they did 11:59, Hell, Inside Out, a full-on version of Freighttrain, Fed Up, Imprint, and then closed it up with Tattooed Bruise. They sounded awesome, and for hardly anyone else being into them or knowing who they were, they looked like they were having a hell of a time up on stage too… Needless to say I think I was the only one rockin out, but hey, I’ve waited forever to see them, I wasn’t exactly caring! I had picked up a Blue in the Face flat earlier in the day from the HOG with Karl, so I ran to the car, and briefly talked to the guys to get it signed after the show as well. Even though it was only 8 songs, it was still an awesome set, and I can’t wait till they come through the area again.

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