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06/26/2003 Finger Eleven (Buffalo, NY @ Lafayette Square)

By Eric | June 26, 2003 11:59 pm

I ventured to this with Sara, Adrienne, and Adrienne’s friend Sarah from work. We got there just as F11 was starting, and there was a ton of people there already. Sara and Adrienne were content to just watch from the side, and since Sarah was a big F11 fan and had never seen them before, we wandered into what I would guess to be the exact middle of the crowd, and dead center in front of the stage. A great view actually! So they were opening with Above by the time we got there, and then continued on with Absent Elements, Sad Exchange, Complicated Questions, Suffocate, Quicksand, For The Ocean, Conversations, Obvious Heart, Thousand Mile Wish, Tip, Good Times, One Thing, and closed up with First Time. This set was much heavier on the new self titled disc than the Showplace show was, and they played the mellower songs off that album as well, with James Black playing a funky looking electric/acoustic guitar. They sounded great though, and looked to be having fun up on the stage. There were a couple mosh pits, some miserable attempts at crowdsurfing, two fights, and instead of batting a beach ball around, kids took to batting garbage cans!! Sean even commented on it, calling Buffalo fans “hardcore” cuz they don’t mess around with beachballs 🙂 We didn’t stick around for Default, so a great show ended at a decent hour for us too.

The band themselves posted the full set bootleg to YouTube!

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