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06/21/2014 Weezer, DIIV (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

By Eric | June 25, 2014 12:02 pm

“I get to see Weezer!” – Chino Moreno

This was a long time coming, because I was actually supposed to see Weezer 17 years prior (almost to the day!) at Edgefest in Buffalo, but we didn’t get there in time. And then I’d never seen them since. Matt wanted to go, his high-school buddy and girlfriend grabbed tickets for us, and so I finally got to see Weezer. It was pretty much worth the wait!

We barely paid attention during DIIV, they’re indie rock. I’m sure they were fine, but I’m not interested.

But Weezer on the other hand, they were a blast. They’re one of those bands for me where I don’t realize how many songs of theirs that I actually know and like, and this seemed like almost a greatest hits-esque sort of set, so that worked perfectly for me. I’d done a little setlist.fm research too, so I got familiar with the songs I didn’t know ahead of time and was able to enjoy them too. I say it every time it happens, but I love going to shows where it’s not “one of my bands”, so I’m not obsessing over what did/didn’t get played, I’m not trying to fight to get down front, etc. I get to watch all the die-hards have a great time seeing a band they love instead. It’s like a window into what I probably look like at most shows lol. We sat in the balcony at the back of the venue, had a great view, I thought it sounded decent (the Armory is never the best, but it wasn’t awful), and I just took it all in. Good times.

El Scorcho

2014-06-21 22.36.35 Weezer

My Name Is Jonas
Hash Pipe
Perfect Situation
Island in the Sun
Beverly Hills
Dope Nose (sung by Scott Shriner)
Say It Ain’t So
Surf Wax America
The Good Life
(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To
Keep Fishin’ (sung by Brian Bell)
El Scorcho
Pork and Beans
Photograph (sung by Pat Wilson)
Song 2 (Blur cover)

Undone – The Sweater Song
Buddy Holly

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