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06/22/2002 The Tea Party, The Full Nine (Thorold, ONT @ Arizona’s)

By Eric | June 22, 2002 11:59 pm

I’m really beginning to dislike shows at Arizona’s, just because they open the doors at 7 and then make you wait. And wait. And wait some more. Two hours we waited, as The Full Nine didn’t go on until then, 9pm. They sounded a little better than they did at Shea’s, but I still wasn’t overly impressed. They played for about 45 mins to an hour, and then we waited another hour till 11 for the Tea. Ugh, much too long. Anyway, the Tea came out and played the exact same set as Shea’s and Water Street: Opened with Interzone, then Fire In The Head, Lullaby, Psychopomp (it started raining during the guitar solo), Apathy (at which point they stopped to get the equipment out of the rain), Walking Wounded (acoustic), Zahira/Favorite Son/Halcyon Days, Angels, Cathartik, Mantra, Save Me (Kashmir insert), and then in started to pour during Temptation, which made that song a lot of fun. They cut the show short and didn’t play an encore due to the rain, as they didn’t want anything getting shorted out. There were a couple of drunk people that were pissed, but I think everyone else understood that that was the best course to take. The band sounded great, but after seeing the same set 3 times in a row I wish they would switch it up a little. And as far as Arizona’s, its an OK place to see a show, but even thought we knew what we were up against this time, it didn’t make the wait any more bearable.

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