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06/21/2002 Nickelback, Jerry Cantrell, Epidemic (Darien, NY @ Darien Lake Performing Arts Center)

By Eric | June 21, 2002 11:59 pm

To start, Mary inadvertently threw out the tickets, so she had to call ticketmaster to make sure we could get replacement tickets. (For 4th row, we were gonna be pretty upset if not!) They assured us everything was cool, so we headed to Darien Lake, and instead of parking in their lot, we spent $5 at the driving range on the road just past the main entrance. It’s a very sweet spot, cuz you don’t wait for an hour to get out! ANYWAY, we got to the box office, and instead of tickets, we just got a postcard size voucher saying we had such and such seats (Section 100, Row 4, seats 5+6 to be exact), so that was our “ticket”. We got to our seats just as Epidemic was finishing up their first song. They were pretty boring, the sound was nothing special or out of the ordinary, and the singer looked like he was trying to be Aaron Lewis, but he’s as skinny as me, so that aint working! They played about 5 or 6 songs, none of which really left any lasting impression on me. After a short wait, Jerry Cantrell came out… and me and Mary were like the only people standing at first! He started with AIC’s What The Hell Have I?, and everyone just kinda sat there… After the song, he pointed to us and the handful of other people who were standing and rockin out, and hes like, “These people are here for a good time, what’s wrong with the rest of you??”. He got some more people to stand up, and then played Bargain Basement Howard Hughes, Psychotic Break, and got a lot more people interested by the time Anger Rising started. Then came the one song off of Boggy Depot that he played, “Cut You In”. Now it was Alice time! The bass player started the riff for Would? and the place went nuts! After that was Down In A Hole, and he closed with Them Bones. The set was just incredible, I couldn’t have asked for more. After getting hassled by the security guard, I managed to get Jerry’s setlist, and found that Hellbound was on the list but didn’t get played… weird. Mary also got a setlist, and somehow a Jerry pick came flying right at her while we were sitting down! So we milled around for a little bit (one of the few nice things about seats!), bought Cantrell shirts, and got back to our seats in time for the start of Nickelback’s set. They had a bit bigger setup than I’ve seen them with in the past. Lots more pyro here than in Syracuse, (Buff State didnt have any) and they had FIRE! too… I venture to say this was the best I’ve heard them out of the 3 times on this tour I’ve seen them; Chad was hitting everything, the guitar solos were good, and they seemed to be having a lot of fun up there. The setlist was almost the same as the other two shows, the order was a little different: Woke up this morning, One last run, Hollywood, Breathe, Leader of Men, Hangnail, Old Enough, Never Again, Where do I hide, Figured you (the new song), and ended the main set with Too Bad. For the encore, Chad and Ryan came out and did Hero acoustically, and then closed with the half-acoustic/full plugged-in How You Remind Me. I managed to get one of Ryan’s picks when he was throwing them out. So the show was a great time, and there was no traffic fight at the end like the Chili Peppers show!

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