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07/01/2003 Theory of a Deadman, Three Days Grace, Forty Foot Echo (Buffalo, NY @ Showplace Theater)

By Eric | July 1, 2003 11:59 pm

Adrienne and Danielle accompanied me to this show. We got there at the supposed doors opening time at 7. Hah! 7:30 we made it into the place, and sat around for about an hour till they started. And we literally sat around, in the few seats, because there wasn’t more than 30 people there at that time, and I think its a safe bet that there was only 50 by show’s end. No matter, it was like a personal concert for us! Before the show started I had gotten Tim’s (the drummer) and Tyler’s (lead singer) autographs on the Theory CD cover, so I was 2 for 4 before it even started! So Forty Foot Echo was up first, and they’re a Default-ish kinda band, they had a couple slower songs, but a couple rockin ones too. Not too bad for an opener. Three Days Grace were up next, and before they were, we got approached by some kids on their street team to pose for a picture with the postcards and stickers, so they get credit for the show. So maybe we’ll end up on their site somewhere πŸ™‚ They were much harder, and sounded good as well. The guitar player has a wicked mohawk too πŸ™‚ They also got about a half hour to play, and it was a pleasant surprise that both openers were as good as they were. Then it was time for Theory! Opening with Invisible Man into What You Deserve, they came out rockin. They also commented on only the die-hards coming out, and the fact that 3 Canadian bands were playing in Buffalo on Canada Day. Next up were Confession, Nothing Could Come Between Us, Say I’m Sorry, Point To Prove, Last Song, and then a “new” one, Inside, which according to David (guitarist) is another b-side from the album sessions that hasn’t seen release yet. After this was Any Other Way, a cover of the Allman Brothers’ Midnight Rider, and then the NCCBU b-side (and my new personal favorite!), Above This. They skipped the encore schtick since there was hardly anyone there, and dove right into Make Up Your Mind. After this song, these three girls in the front promptly left, leaving a gaping hole at the barrier. In talking to David afterwards, he mentioned that he could tell that that’s what they were waiting for, and looked bored the rest of the time. Ouch! Why be in front and look bored, especially when there’s NO ONE ELSE THERE and they can see you?! In any event, they closed with Leg To Stand On, and after the set, came down and greeted everyone that was there (all 50 of us), and signed stuff. The guys in the other two bands were most gracious in signing stuff as well. So it was a nice small show with a non-existant crowd that made enough noise for everyone else πŸ™‚

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