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07/20/2001 Cold Edge Sessions (Buffalo, NY @ Backstage Pub)

By Eric | July 20, 2001 11:59 pm

This was one of 103.3’s Edge Sessions, where bands would come in and play acoustically in a hole-in-the-wall bar for 25 people or so, and it got recorded for later airing on the radio. You had to win tickets from the station to get in.


Mary and I hauled down there anyway not having won a thing, and as we figured we would, we found Cold’s bus on the side of the bar. As we approached the bus, the side door of the bar opened up, and Sam, Jeremy and Kelly walked out! We got some autographs, and then told Jeremy that “this is one of those bullshit gotta call the radio station and win things, and we didn’t win, is there any way you can get us in?” Sam said he was gonna go talk to one of their road guys, that he didn’t think it was going to be a problem. He disappears behind the bus (while all the while, some other dude was bitching about where the bus was parked). So off the bus comes Scooter and Terry with one of their crew guys. I asked Scooter for an autograph, and he’s like “I’ll get ya later, you guys are coming in with us.” THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!! It’s one of those things where we went down there hoping it would happen, but not really believing it would happen, and then it happened!

So we walked in the side door to the place right with them, Scooter and Terry went up on stage, and we wound up with second row seats! It was just the two of them on stage, and the other three guys were out on the bus because as Scooter said, the rest of the band heckles them when they play! So Adam12 (the Edge DJ) gets up on stage and the show starts. They play Just Got Wicked right off the bat, then End Of The World. They talk some with Adam12, who asks impossibly awkward questions and makes a couple of assumptions about the band that got shut down (ha!), Scooter mentions how they pulled all the shades because they want it dark, “We’d melt in the light”. Then they play No One, and hit a “commercial break”.


During the little intermission, Scooter kinda asked what everyone wanted to hear, so I yelled “STRIP HER DOWN!” Scooter’s eyes lit up, then he’s like “Nah, we can’t do that one, but we got one we’re gonna play instead”. So they come back from what would be the commercial, and after playing End of the World, they played Ugly!!! It seemed like there were maybe two other people besides us that even knew the song, but needless to say Mary and I were thrilled. Then they let the audience ask some lame questions, and to close it out, they played Bleed. The set was fantastic, Terry and Scooter sounded incredible, and despite what he said duing the interview, Scotter did not need the little echo box he used, his voice was spot on without it. Right after the set, we stood up to kinda get in line for autographs, and Terry came down from the stage and handed me his pick! I asked him about helping out on Staind’s MTV Unplugged set, and he said it was awesome, but that he was kinda nervous. (You couldn’t tell on the video!) We got autographs from the rest of the guys, got some pictures, profusely thanked Scooter and Terry for getting us in, and then booked across town to the Showplace Theatre to catch BoyHitsCar!

2001-07-20 Cold @ Edge Sessions

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