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07/20/2001 Boy Hits Car, Candiria, Crashpalace (Buffalo, NY @ Showplace Theater)

By Eric | July 20, 2001 11:59 pm

[Clutch was the headliner, but we were too tired and didn’t stay. Bummer.]

So we dashed across town from the Cold Edge Sessions at the Backstage Pub over to Showplace. No chicanery with this one, we actually had tickets! We (Mary much more so than I) became Boy Hits Car fans after seeing them open for Finger Eleven back in May, so we jumped at the chance to see them again. We got there just as Crashpalace was getting on, they’re from Austrialia, and kinda have a Bush-esque sound, they were decent, but the crowd was not really into them. Candiria was next, they’re a hardcore band from Brooklyn, and had quite a few fans there for them. The pit was wild, but thankfully contained, as none of the moshers hit us up in the front. The guys were talented, their drummer (Ken Schalk) was amazing, but the songs did absolutely nothing for me. Almost jazzy hardcore, I could appreciate the effort, but just couldn’t get into it. (2016 Eric is a little disappointed in 2001 Eric on this tip.)


Anyway, BHC was up next, and given we were a biased audience, what a set! Opening with an unlreleased song called Daregveda, and then into I’m A Cloud, which got the now-sizeable crowd into it immediately. The rest of the set was: As I Watch The Sun F**k The Ocean, Lovecore, Man Without Skin, Turning Inward, Rebirth, Going to India, and they closed with Benkei, with Cregg doing the stage dive again, however we were ready for him this time! There was an awesome crowd for BHC, and every song was great, which was helped immeasurably by the fact that we actually knew the songs this time. We met some people from the BHC board and stood behind them all night, and as it turns out through various (f11 mainly) other boards we were familiar with each other! The people were great, the band was great, the fans were great, the show was just awesome, and to top it off, shirts were only $10! We called it a night and didn’t stay for Clutch (2016 Eric is a LOT disappointed in 2001 Eric on this tip!). Partly because we were dead tired, and partly because Mary had another show the next day to rest up for. She went to Staind and Cold at the Flickenger Center downtown with a bunch of other people, while I stayed home for Amanda’s birthday / graduation party.

2001-07-20 Boy Hits Car @ Showplace

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