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07/22/2001 K-Rockathon: Crazy Town, Cold, Taproot, Nonpoint, Drowning Pool, Boy Hits Car, Econoline Crush, Adema (Vernon, NY @ Vernon Downs)

By Eric | July 22, 2001 11:59 pm

Sara and Adrienne came up Saturday night, and about 10am the next morning we all rolled out down the 90 to Vernon. We got about within 5 miles of the venue at about noon or so, and traffic came to a complete standstill. It took us over an hour to go 1 mile at one point. We ended up parking in this little hotel/restaurant place for $3, and walked 20 mins to the venue. The guy at the hotel told us it was a 50 minute wait from where we were to the place, and that pretty much turned out to be true. So we got in and saw the very tail end of Adema’s set. Mary had just seen them open for Staind the day before, and said we didn’t miss anything, my jury is still out. Anyway, Mary and I rushed up front because EC was on next. We ended up right in front of Dan, and he recognized us! All the bands played short sets, Econoline did Sparkle and Shine, Surefire, You Don’t Know…, My Salvation, and Wioked/HLAH. We got out of the crowd right after, and watched Boy Hits Car from the perimeter. Also a short set, they played I’m A Cloud, As I Watched…, Man Without Skin, Rebirth, Lovecore and Benkei, with Cregg climbing the scaffolding all the way up the stage, then climing about halfway down, and jumping in the crowd! The guy is nuts! 🙂 We were waiting in line for the EC autograph booth while Drowning Pool was on, so we only kinda saw them. Nonpoint was up next, so I ventured back in the crowd for them. This was the first time I’d seen them, and they were pretty damn good. People were moshing and stuff, but it didnt seem like too many knew any of the songs. They sounded really good though, and the set was something like: Mindtrip, Endure, Back Up, Victim, Hive, and What A Day. I came back out during Taproot’s set, who we really didn’t watch. We found our friend Rick from Record Archive, who was passing out Adema stuff, so we were talking to him for awhile, when who should appear from behind the merch tent than Cregg from Boy Hits Car! I still had my ticket stub from Friday’s show, so Mary got that signed, and we chatted with him for a minute. What a personable guy! After Taproot was finished, I once again ventured into the sea of ~40,000 people for Cold. I acutally made it all the way up to the barrier just as they kicked into Go Away (which no one knew), then followed by End of the World, Confession, No One, Witch, Send In The Clowns (Aaron came out), and closed with Just Got Wicked. I came out, found Mary, and pretty much walked around for all of Crazy Town’s set. At this point we decided that the merits of getting out while there was still no traffic and getting home at a decent time for work Monday outweighed those of seeing Papa Roach and Staind. The show was pretty good, but too many people for my liking, and I don’t think I’d ever go again. Just another example of why club shows will beat festivals any day.

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