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07/22/2005 Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, Soilwork (Johnson City, NY @ Magic City Music Hall)

By Eric | July 22, 2005 11:53 pm

This was an Ozzfest off-date, as all three of the bands are on the second stage. I drove down right after work, and hit the door just as Soilwork was starting. They were entertaining, and seemed really happy to be up on stage and playing. They had a metalcore vibe to them, and also had a DJ/Effects guy in addition to two guitarists. They got a half-hour, as did As I Lay Dying. I cannot figure this band out, nor why they’re so popular. The songs were practically all breakdowns, hardly any riffs, hardly any singing. The songs went nowhere, no rise and fall, no nothing. Just flat. But the kids went ape for them. Color me not impressed. Anyway, after their half-hour, it was KSE time! They came out and launched right into A Bid Farewell. I don’t know the exact order after that, but it was a good mix of both albums, including Numbered Days, Fixation on the Darkness, My Last Serenade, Life To Lifeless, Take This Oath, When Darkness Falls, Breathe Life, End Of Heartache, Hope Is, and the closer was Rose Of Sharyn. The band sounded great, Howard Jones’ singing and screaming was spot on, and Adam D, the guitarist, is one of the goofiest people I’ve ever seen on stage. The crowd was certainly into the band as well, with a ton of people singing all the words. And it was a healthy crowd, lots of people in the place. Which brings me to the only complaint about this show, and its got nothing to do with the music or the venue.

It seems moshing isn’t good enough anymore, maybe one doesn’t get hurt enough. Whatever the reason, hardcore “dancing” is now the “in” thing. This dancing consists of kids standing inside the circle, and flailing their arms and legs with reckless abandon, whilst crashing into each other and the people forming the circle. Flailing with fists and elbows, and doing kicks and crap like that. Couple this with a technique known as “floorpunching”, which looks just like that, and you have the possibility of getting way more injured than simply moshing. To sum up, it’s incredibly stupid, and impairs everyone around them from enjoying the show. Just freakin mosh like normal concertgoers!

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