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09/01/2005 Nickelback, Seether, Crossfade, Dark New Day (Syracuse, NY @ New York State Fairgrounds)

By Eric | September 1, 2005 11:59 pm

Tiffany and I hit up the New York State Fair in order to attend the big rock show. After filling up on sinfully delicious fair food, we hiked over to the grandstand and settled into our right-of-center 8th row seats. By some miracle, our seats were behind a barrier (for the handicapped seating area), so there was no one in front of us! It was a good thing I was standing for three of the four bands, because I only had use of half of the seat next to me (due to the width of the woman next to me, and I’m not talking about Tiff!). Anyway, Dark New Day came out promptly at 6:30 to kick things off. Ripping into Taking Me Alive, the boys got everyone out of their seats early, and continued with Heal In Time, Pieces, Lean, Evergreen and Bare Bones. They had everyone in the crowd jammin pretty good, and seemed to be enjoying things up on stage. For their closer, Brother, they brought out Shaun Morgan from Seether to play guitar with them, which whipped up a good portion of the crowd as well. They sounded tight, Brett was hitting everything, and since we were parked right in front of Troy, he noticed my doubleDrive shirt and played to us quite a bit!

After a half hour, it was time for Crossfade. I really gave these guys the benefit of the doubt, as I had checked out their album, and save for two of the singles, I wasn’t really impressed. The live show didn’t change my mind much. I know they’ve been on the road for awhile, and the lead singer’s voice sounded like it. He was really straining to hit some of the notes, but besides that, the songs just weren’t that interesting, and didn’t really go anywhere. The one single, Colors, sounded okay, as did the closer, Cold, but other than that, the set felt lackluster. It didn’t suck, but it certainly didn’t excite me either.

Another half-hour set change, and we’re ready for Seether. They opened with Gasoline, and while it sounded good, I think they were having problems with the bass, because there wasn’t a lot of bottom end. They got it straightened out, and continued with Needles, and then into Burrito. And holy crap have these guys gotten better live. They were good before, but they sounded great this time around. Pat, the other guitarist was putting all kinds of little solos and notes in places that weren’t there on the album, and it all fit nicely. Continuing with Driven Under, Truth, and dedicating Fine Again to Dave Williams and Dimebag Darrell, Seether continued to rock the place. Next up was Because Of Me, and after the song, Shaun apologized to Nickelback (for some remarks he’d made in an interview on Australian TV) and said that the Nickelback camp had been good to them all day, at which point Chad Kroeger came out and gave Shaun a hug. So that all seems like it’s water under the bridge, and they kicked into Remedy, before closing the set with an acoustic Broken.

Another wait, and time for Nickelback! While the set was good, sounded great, and everything else, it was almost the exact same setlist as the Darien Lake show last year, and they still talked way too much in between songs. But it was certainly fun, as they ripped into Flat on the Floor, then kicked off the pyro with Woke Up This Morning. Then it was onto the new single, Photograph, Leader of Men, Feeling Way Too Damn Good, and Because of You. Drummer Daniel Adair did a monster drum solo, and then they did another new song called Follow You Home, which rocked pretty hard. I hope the rest of the album is as good as that song. Then they did the Beer’o’clock thing, throwing cups of beer into the crowd, along with firing t-shirts out of an air cannon. While all this was going on, Chad and Daniel jammed on Cowboys From Hell, and Seek and Destroy. Back to their songs, they did Someday, Never Again, and then stopped for a beer chugging contest, as Daniel can down ’em pretty fast. The one kid they brought up almost beat him though! Back to the music, they did Too Bad, How You Remind Me, and the encore was Figured You Out. Good pyro, fireworks, etc, and the crowd was really into it. I just want a new setlist! 🙂 Being 8th row certainly helped out with the fun factor on this show, and we definately had a good time.

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