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07/22/2009 Thriving Ivory, The Stars of Track and Field, Pilot Speed, Streamline (Rochester, NY @ The Club at Water Street)

By Eric | July 23, 2009 10:50 am

I agreed to hit up this show because Christina didn’t have anyone else to go with, and Tiff was playing volleyball on this night. I say agreed because I probably wouldn’t have given this show a second thought on my own. Indie Pop/Rock isn’t really my cup of tea, but a show is a show, plus it was a chance to hang out. We walked in as Streamline was finishing their 2nd to last song, so while we didn’t catch much, what we did hear sounded pretty good. I’m a sucker for organ in a song too, so that helped their cause. I’d say there were about 150-200 people there, and damn was it muggy inside. The upstairs portion was even worse, which is where we ended up for Pilot Speed, who was up next. To me it was the typical jangly, whiny type of indie pop that isn’t terrible, but bores me to death. There was a song or two where the lead singer would really belt it out, and that was kinda cool, but overall, eh. We came back downstairs for the 3rd band on, The Stars of Track and Field, who had two guitarist/singers and a drummer, but a laptop for a bass player (and simulated claps). I thought these guys were a little better than Pilot Speed, but one of the guys behind us summed it up best by saying “They sound like a band that would play a bar scene on an episode of Friends…”. Generic maybe? Having said all that, I’ve seen far worse bands than the first three, so it certainly wasn’t all bad.

The headliners, and the band Christina came to see, were Thriving Ivory. Easily the most polished and tight of the four bands, they were fun to watch. There were a sizable number of people in the crowd that knew the songs, so they had the crowd interaction thing going for them too. The band also looked to be enjoying themselves up on stage, in contrast to the first two bands where I thought they were trying to look disaffected. After a bunch of their own songs, Thriving Ivory busted out a cover of U2’s “Mysterious Ways” that was pretty decent, and in the middle of one of their other songs, did a little insert of the Beatles’ “Let It Be”. They closed with their most familiar song, “Angels On The Moon”, which garnered a big crowd response. All in all, a decent show, a fun night, albeit a warm one. It’s a rare thing for me to go to a concert and know nothing about any of the bands I’m going to see, so I was really trying to be open minded about the whole thing and just appreciate what was going on without any expectations. I tried. I still don’t care for most indie pop/rock 🙂

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