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07/10/2009 Nickelback, Hinder, Papa Roach (Darien, NY @ Darien Lake Performing Arts Center)

By Eric | July 13, 2009 10:30 am

Damn Darien Lake and their quick set turnaround times. I got out of work at the normal time, raced home, and we raced to Darien Lake, getting there around 10 to 7. Since the show started at 6, I figured Saving Abel would get a 1/2 hour, then a 1/2 hour set change, and Papa Roach would go on at 7. Not so much. We got to the gates right at 7, just in time to hear Papa Roach’s last two songs. We heard Hollywood Whore as we were walking in, and got to see Last Resort. That was it. BAH! Ah well, plenty of time to stake out a good spot on the lawn, sit down and wait for… Hinder. The biggest cougar band on the planet right now. All the “mature” ladies predictably went nuts for them, with the same campy stage antics as when I saw them last summer with Staind and 3 Doors Down. Fun, but certainly nothing special. Since we were actually sitting on the lawn, we didn’t really *see* much, but there wasn’t really anything to see, so it was pretty much a wash. Hinder setlist: Use Me, Take It To The Limit, Heaven Sent, Lips Of An Angel, How Long, Up All Night, Without You, Get Stoned.

Another set change later, and right at 9, out comes the Nickelback boys. We ended up moving all the way to the back of the lawn, right up against the fence, in the center. This provided a pretty decent, if not distant, vantage point. Pyro to open the show, and we’re off and running. Opened with Something In Your Mouth into Because Of You, so the start was pretty rockin’. The first crowd singalong came with Photograph, and boy was the crowd something to see. Apparently they sold the place out, lawn and all, and the number that kept getting thrown around was 21,000 people in attendance. Looked like it to me, although I don’t know what holes some of them crawled out of! Another crowd pleaser in Figured You Out followed; then came the slow, sappy, radio singles part of the show. Savin’ Me, Far Away, Gotta Be Somebody, If Everyone Cared, and If Today Was Your Last Day, broken up only with a Highway To Hell cover in the middle. The majority of the crowd ate it up. After that, they picked it back up with Rockstar, Burn It To The Ground, and then a drum solo from Daniel Adair. The drum solo was pretty cool, but in at least one instance, it was simply the drum beat from the beginning of Follow You Home (why didn’t you play the song proper??). They brought out some of the road crew with T-shirt cannons, and were firing stuff into the crowd while messing around. They busted out a little Sad But True jam, and while noodling around they also rocked part of the guitar riff to Fight For All The Wrong Reasons (why didn’t you play that song proper either??). At this point they decided they’d finally show Silver Side Up some love with back to back How You Remind Me and Too Bad. This brought us to the encore break. The two song encore was Someday and Animals. Pretty impressive pyro at the end of the show too. Final thoughts? The set was way too heavy on the slower radio singles, they missed a lot of their more rockin’ songs (Shakin’ Hands woulda been cool to hear, and I overheard someone else complaining about the lack of hearing S.E.X., which woulda got the crowd going), and they completely ignored The State. Not even Leader Of Men anymore. If all of this sounds like I’m bitching, I am, however, I still had a really good time sitting listening to the schlock rock show, seeing the schlock rock fans, and taking in the spectacle of it all. As an aside, parking “across the street” on the hill for $10 was a very wise decision, as we were out of the parking lot and on the road in 5 minutes, not the hour and a half hell that Darien’s lot usually is. Yay!

Something In Your Mouth

Nickelback Setlist:
Something in Your Mouth
Because of You
Figured You Out
Savin’ Me
Far Away
Highway to Hell (AC/DC cover)
Gotta Be Somebody
If Everyone Cared
If Today Was Your Last Day
Burn It to the Ground
Drum Solo
How You Remind Me
Too Bad


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