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08/21/2001 The Tea Party (Thorold, ONT @ Arizona’s)

By Eric | August 21, 2001 11:59 pm

We got there about 6:45, because the doors were supposed to open at 7pm. We met up with Joe, Rick, Janet, Sara and Danielle, and waited till about 7:30 for the doors to open. Then we got in and waited a whole lot longer, as the opening band didn’t start until 9:00. I didnt catch their name, and it really didnt matter, because they should have been called a finger eleven tribute band, as their sound was a DIRECT rip-off of F11. They sounded okay, but the originality was sorely lacking. After they finished about 9:30, we waited another entire hour before the Tea Party came on. Thank God the Tea was awesome as usual, or we’d have been pretty pissed off. They played just about the same setlist as the friendship festival, except we got 3 new songs, those being Lullaby, Requiem, and one I hadn’t heard yet, Cathartik (which was awesome). Jeff Martin brought out the Oud (but he didn’t say it!), and did Zahira/Favorite Son as the intro to Halcyon Days. They stuck the guitar solo from The River into Temptation, Kashmir into Save Me, and Paint It Black in the middle of Sister Awake during the encore. The show was great, but the crowd was a little lame, it seemed as if everyone was just standing there. It’s usually great, cuz we’re not getting killed, but no one seemed into it, most likely due to the extended wait we endured. And if for some reason the screaming girls behind Karl and Sara are reading, SHUT THE HELL UP NEXT TIME!

2001-08-21 The Tea Party @ Arizona's

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