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07/25/2001 Slipknot, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Disturbed (Rochester, NY @ Blue Cross Arena)

By Eric | July 25, 2001 11:59 pm

We got there about 6:45, thinking we’d miss some of Mudvayne. Turns out their singer messed up his throat, so they didn’t show. So we missed half of Disturbed’s set instead. They were much better this time than at UB, but still not amazing. We sat in the seats for this one, we weren’t about to get killed on the floor. So yeah, Disturbed was okay, nothing too special. Next up was Linkin Park. These guys sounded good, they were obviously having a blast on stage, and really got the crowd into it. They came out to their DJ spinning GNR’s Welcome To The Jungle, then kicked into With You. They played everything off of Hybrid Theory, closing with One Step Closer, and the crowd went bezerk. Lotsa energy, Chester and Mike were constantly in the crowd, singing, surfing, whatever. Damn cool!

Points of Authority

One Step Closer

Papa Roach was after them, and while the band was into it, and the crowd was too, the performance wasnt anything super special. I like the album, but they didn’t make it any more interesting when they played it live. Coby at one point was in the crowd on the left hand side of the stage, then attempted to surf all the way over to the other side. He only made it about half way before security pulled him out. They sounded good, but the performance overall was just kinda ehhh… Then it was time for Slipknot. One explosion later, they ripped into People=Shit, then right into Eeyore. Then another new song, Disasterpiece, followed by the song that really got the crowd into it, Purity. The stage was pretty big, with 9 guys jumping around it has to be. They had the fire going on at the back of the stage, and a lighting truss that moved up and down. Shawn’s (6) drums were on hydraulics, and he’d jump on top of them, going up and down. The guys are insane. They kept diving into the crowd. Next song was Gently, then Eyeless got the pits really going again. Two more new songs, New Abortion and Heretic Song were up next, and during Heretic Song they had two giant “666” light up signs on the speakers. During Spit It Out, in the middle of the song, Corey (8) got everyone in the crowd to kneel down, and then as the song kicked back in, had everyone leap up. It was one of the coolest things I’ve seen at a show in a long time! The whole crowd sang for Wait and Bleed, then for the encore, Sid (0) played a loop which led into 742617000027, which naturally kicked into (sic). Then for the last song of the night, the place went nuts as the intro to Surfacing was played. As the song ended, the whole place was screaming. What a spectacle!

(515) and People=Shit







New Abortion

Heretic Song

Spit It Out

Wait and Bleed



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