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08/26/2001 Edgefest 2001: Our Lady Peace, Cold, Snapcase, Finger Eleven, Last Conservative, Reveille, Stereomud (Buffalo, NY @ LaSalle Park)

By Eric | August 26, 2001 11:59 pm

Acutally made it out of the house at 9AM, got to the park at 10:15, waited in line till 11:30, Stereomud started at 12:30. These guys rocked! They played Closer Now, What, Don’t Be Afraid, Steppin Away, Leave (Back Up), and Pain. Didn’t seem like too many people knew who they were, but at least people were into it. Saw part of Reveille’s set as I was in line for Stereomud autographs, they sounded pretty good, the guys voice is kind of annoying though. The guys in Stereomud were real nice, I got the CD cover signed. Headed back out and since I wasn’t going to watch Sum41, I wandered over to the local stage and caught Last Conservative. They put on a rockin good show! Milled around some more after their set, got food, etc, and waited till Finger Eleven came on. Got right in the middle of the pit for F11, they sounded great as usual, but I was too busy bouncing around in the crowd to really watch them. Opened with Above, then First Time, Suffocate, Quicksand, Tip, and Drag You Down. Rick didn’t have his hair up, it looked kinda weird… Waited till the Shelia Devine were done with their set and I got up front in anticipation of Cold. Listened to Snapcase, who were on the other stage, from what I heard they sounded pretty good, the crowd seemed to be really into it. Then the mudpeople started throwing shit at everyone waiting at the 2nd stage. It was hot out, so the Buffalo Fire Department was spraying a hose into the middle of the crowd, which is fine, except it made a giant mud pit. Again, fine, until they started throwing it at us! Bastards! Anyway, Cold was on as soon as Snapcase finished, and rocked through their usual festival set: Give, End of the World, Confession, Witch, No One, Send In The Clowns, and Just Got Wicked. Sam got really pissed at the end of the set and knocked over half his drumkit. I ended up with a pick and the setlist from a really cool security guard, which I subsequently got signed at the Autograph booth. All the guys were awesome as usual, Jeremy, Kelly and Sam remembered me, and Jeremy actually asked about Mary as well! OLP started while I was in the tent, and I caught a couple songs of theirs. The setlist was nothing out of the ordinary: Middle of Yesterday, Mafia, Automatic Flowers, Birdman, Superman’s Dead, Whatever, (the only new song) Naveed (Interrupted and aborted due to some idiot crowdsurfer falling on his head), Is Anybody Home?, Clumsy, One Man Army, Julia, Starseed. I actually skipped out during One Man Army and heard the last two songs as I was walking to the car, to (successfully) beat the traffic out of the place. In all the show wasn’t bad, but I still don’t like festivals.


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