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11/25/2003 Fuel, Revis, Sloth (Albany, NY @ Northern Lights)

By Eric | November 25, 2003 11:59 pm

After putting in a day’s work at the NY Lottery office in Schenectady, I drove the 15 minutes over to Clifton Park to partake in a show that I should have seen two weeks before… Fuel! They were supposed to play at the Landmark in Syracuse, and I had 4th row. Ah well, this was a better place to see them anyway… much smaller! Northern Lights is not that big of a place, in fact Water Street is bigger, and the stage is about the same distance away. The first band on, Sloth, was nothing to write home about. The riffs were ordinary, the lyrics were bunk, and the band looked like a mish-mosh of styles. Anyway, Revis was up next, and while I enjoyed their set, having the CD and all, I thought they could have been better. They played pretty much everything off of Places For Breathing, plus a new untitled song, and looked rather ho-hum doing it. I think the crowd sensed this as well, as there weren’t a whole lot of people moving around. Technically, the band sounded fine, but the singer had a bit of trouble hitting some of the notes, and was the only one really getting into his performance. Its too bad, because I wanted to enjoy them, but really found it difficult to. After a set change, the mood was picked up in a major way when Fuel came out… definately NOT lackluster! Opening with Last Time, and right into Jesus Or A Gun, the Fuel boys haven’t lost it in terms of the live show at all. They rocked just as hard as they had on the last two tours, and then some! Won’t Back Down was next, then the first super-singalong, Innocent, with the Pink Floyd “Comfortably Numb” intro. The guys really seemed to be enjoying themselves, as Scar, Untitled, Million Miles, and Down Inside Of You were next. It never fails, however, that there’s a fight at a Fuel show, for whatever reason. At least this time, I wasn’t involved! Short of that, the crowd was into the show, but not really into being idiots, which was nice for a change. Sunburn with the extended intro was next, Falls On Me and Shimmer after that, then back to the rockin with Down, Prove, and Empty Spaces. Hemorrhage closed out the main set, which left most of us satisfied. Naturally, there were two more, and after playing Quarter, closed it up with Bittersweet. My only complaint was no Ozone, but thats minor. The show was incredible, they sounded great, the crowd was decent, the venue was cool, and much better than sitting in seats in the Landmark, no matter how close!

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