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11/20/2003 A Perfect Circle, Year of the Rabbit (Syracuse, NY @ The OnCenter)

By Eric | November 20, 2003 11:59 pm

Tiff scored a third row ticket on the floor for me, so that was happy from the get-go. Year of the Rabbit wasn’t half bad, the band was put together by Ken Andrews, who originally was in Failure, who were a decent band. These guys were alright, although to me they sounded just like all the other “rock” bands that are out now, nothing really stood out. Anyway, they were done in a half hour, so the wait wasn’t agonizing. Then it was APC time! They came out and started with Vanishing, then into Pet, The Hollow, Magdelena, and Weak and Powerless. Maynard was ripping Michael Jackson jokes all night, and James Iha tried his hand at cracking jokes, which were completely terrible (on purpose of course!). Continuing with Rose, Blue was next, and this is one of the songs they’d been alternating with Orestes. Why can’t they play both? Beyond me, but Blue was awesome anyway. Thomas, The Package, and 3 Libras were next, followed by a heavier version of The Nurse Who Loved Me, Gravity, The Outsider, The Noose, and the closer was Judith. No encore for this show (and the whole tour as well). They sounded awesome, Maynard of course was brilliant as usual, and stationary as usual. Josh and James were on platforms on either side of Maynard, who had his own platform in the center of the stage. Billy and Jeordie were on the stage level, and were the only ones that moved at all. An interesting stage setup, but it certainly worked for them, and for the sound. The OnCenter isn’t what I would call full either, I’m really surprised they played there and not at the Landmark, but who’s to say. Still a great show!

Someone on YouTube posted the FULL SET. 1 hour and 17 minutes of APC goodness!

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