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02/01/2000 Our Lady Peace, Stereophonics (Toronto, ONT @ Air Canada Center)

By Eric | February 1, 2000 11:59 pm

I recall being super hyped for this show, especially after all of the stories about the Maple Leaf Gardens show in 1997. Mary and I drove into Buffalo and picked up our Clumsy Congress friend Niki, and headed up to Toronto. We got to the arena way, way, way too early, finally got in and ran to the barrier. The Stereophonics didn’t leave much of an impression on us, being terribly impatient for OLP.

And once OLP came out, the crowd went nuts, as they opened with Dirty Walls! From then on though, I felt like it could have been any show, anywhere. Not necessarily a homecoming show. The band looked good, sounded good, the crowd was into it, but being in Toronto, we certainly thought there’d be something more special, or different tunes, just… something. For instance, the aforementioned MLG show had a very cool piano version of Julia that had never been played before or since, and I think we were hoping for something similar. Instead, we got what was essentially the standard issue Happiness-era show, which again, was good, but it wasn’t GREAT. Then to top it off, after dropping Niki off back in Buffalo, we hit some of the worst blizzard-like weather on the Thruway in Batavia I’ve ever driven through. The trusty Escort made it however, and we lived to attend more concerts!

Dirty Walls
Automatic Flowers
One Man Army
Potato Girl
Stealing Babies
Teardrop (Massive Attack) / Hope
Is Anybody Home?
Superman’s Dead

Pics thanks to Rich and Shelly’s OLP site.

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