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02/23/2010 Cold, Nonpoint, Day Of Fire, Edisun, Augustine (Syracuse, NY @ Westcott Theater)

By Eric | February 24, 2010 12:30 pm

I rolled in from work, and wandered into the line-less venue as Augustine was finishing up. I only saw about half of the last song, so I have no idea how they were. Edisun was next up, and they’re a pretty straight-up rock band from New Jersey (Edison, NJ, surprised? Not me!) the NYC/CT area. The singer almost sounded like Daryl Taberski from Snapcase to me at times. Very strange mix, but the band sounded alright, and they held my interest for their half-hour set. Unbeknownst to me at the show, one of Edisun’s guitar players was Jonathan Svec, formerly of Splender.

Next up was Day Of Fire, a band from Nashville fronted by Josh Brown, the former singer for Full Devil Jacket. DOF’s music is in a similar vein, and certainly Brown’s voice hasn’t changed, so their set was pretty enjoyable as well. Color me surprised as anyone though that Brown acknowledged his FDJ roots and the band even played a FDJ song! I don’t think there were too many people singing along with Fastblack, but you can be damn sure I was one of them! Before the song, one other guy in the crowd yelled out for “Where Did You Go?” so there was some crowd recognition there. As I said, the Day Of Fire tunes were fairly rockin’ as well, and had some good grooves to them.

As I’m milling around near the merch tables, who do I find but my old ETC buddy Nick! For better or worse, the last time I saw Nick was the last time I saw Nonpoint, at the old Steel Music Hall, back in 2004. Funny how that works. We made our way down front, the Nonpoint guys come out, and they had just as much energy as I remember from back in ’04. They blasted into Broken Bones, and then got the crowd really whipped up with What A Day. They continued with a good mix across all of their albums, including two new songs from the forthcoming new album, including the new single, Miracle. Then, in the surprise of the night, Joey Belladonna of Anthrax fame was in the house, and he came up for a rowdy take on Anthrax’s Got The Time, which got the crowd hyped. Elias came back and Nonpoint closed their set with Bullet With A Name. Tons of energy, the band sounded great, Elias sounded great, the crowd gave the love right back. I even managed to snag the setlist from the soundboard after the set. Six years between Nonpoint shows is too long!
Nonpoint setlist: Broken Bones, What A Day, Endure, Miracle, Circles, Hands Off, Lucky Number 13, Victim, In The Air Tonight, Got The Time (Anthrax cover with Joey Belladonna), Bullet With A Name.

What A Day

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It’d been six years since I’d seen Cold as well, and that made me even more anxious to see them! After talking with a couple guys who were super-huge Cold die-hard fans during set change, Cold themselves came out to a huge crowd roar. It doesn’t seem like anyone has forgotten about these guys at all, even though it’s been since 2005 that they’ve released a proper album. The crowd largely sang along with every song all night, and while there’s again two new guitar players, the core of Scooter, Jeremy and Sam are still there, and the whole band sounded fantastic. Scooter’s voice was spot-on, and the song mix was decently spread over all the albums, including two new songs off of the upcoming “Epic” album. “Welcome To My World” and “The Web” (which turned into “What Happens Now” once Superfiction was released) were the new tracks, and they sounded pretty damn cool, The Web especially. They’re also still playing “With My Mind”, which the die-hards were all about. Scooter kept commenting all night about how appreciative he was of the crowd coming out, and it certainly seemed like the entire band was very happy to be up there, touring again, and interacting with the crowd. It was a Cold show like I remember them being, and it was a blast. The crowd was great all night, but especially during Nonpoint and Cold, no real idiots, everyone was cool, having a good time.
Cold setlist: With My Mind, Anatomy Of A Tidal Wave, End Of The World, No One, Back Home, Another Pill, Remedy, Go Away, Welcome To My World, Send In The Clowns, When Angels Fly Away, The Web, Stupid Girl, Just Got Wicked, Anti-Love Song

With My Mind

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Nonpoint’s “new” (since 2008) guitar player Zach was at the merch booth after the show, so I got him to sign the setlist, and I also caught Josh Brown from Day of Fire long enough to get an autograph on the ticket stub. Both were gracious with me, and the rest of the fans, and it made for a great concert night (that could have just as easily happened in 2000 as 2010!)

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2 Responses to “02/23/2010 Cold, Nonpoint, Day Of Fire, Edisun, Augustine (Syracuse, NY @ Westcott Theater)”

  1. Travis Says:
    March 4th, 2010 at 11:55 am

    Edison is not from New jersey. They are from NYC/CT.
    Glad you enjoyed them.


  2. Woopop Says:
    March 4th, 2010 at 11:59 am

    Color me corrected, I thought I heard New Jersey mentioned. No matter, I updated the info. Thanks for checking out the site!

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