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04/23/2009 Static-X, Burn Halo, The Flood (Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom)

By Eric | April 24, 2009 10:30 am

[Saliva was originally part of this bill, but due to a Josey Scott medical situation, dropped off the tour]

Adam and I rolled in just as The Flood were getting started. We could have waited longer. They were just a bland alt-metal type band, like a poor-man’s Tool. They kind of reminded me of Atomship, only Atomship was better. Not much to say about these guys really. Burn Halo was next up, and these guys were much more entertaining. More of a straight up rock band (in the vein of GNR, Buckcherry, etc.), they had stage prescence, could play, and the singer did a decent job of getting the crowd into it. For having never heard of them, I was pleasantly surprised with their ability to get me nodding along and continue to pay attention throughout the set. Not too shabby.

But the real reason everyone was there was Static-X. Personally, I hadn’t seen them since May of 2002, so it had been quite a while! Four (five if you count Beneath, Between, Beyond) albums later, I finally got to see them again. This show turned out to be even more fun than I thought it was going to be, because the crowd was great. There was a decent pit (which I didn’t get into, but everyone was cool, no fights, etc.), and the rest of the crowd was jumping, bouncing, and yes, even dancing along the entire night. And Static-X seems to have die-hard fans, because most people seemed to know the new songs as well as the old ones, and they always struck me as a band where most people would only know the old stuff (Death Trip and Machine especially). And we got a b-side! They played “Down”! The rest of the set was a good mix between new stuff and old stuff, and they know what side their bread is buttered on, because there were five tracks from Death Trip alone! Wayne, Tony, and Koichi were interacting with the crowd all night, pausing every couple of songs so “Mrs. Static” could bring them shots. All in all, a great show, a good crowd, and tons of fun with Wayne, his awesome hair, and his awesome songs.


Static-X setlist: Lunatic, Dirthouse, I’m With Stupid, Down, Stem, Black and White, Stingwray, Destroyer, Cold, Bled For Days, Behemoth, Z28, Destroy All, Cannibal, Love Dump. Encore: This Is Not, Push It.

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