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04/20/2009 Theory Of A Deadman, Black Stone Cherry (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

By Eric | April 23, 2009 7:58 am

I usually never get this lucky.

The bill originally was Hinder, Theory, BSC and the Veer Union at the RIT Fieldhouse. Then about two weeks prior to the show, they split the bill, with Hinder and Veer Union playing at the Town Ballroom in Buffalo, and Theory and BSC here at Water Street. So not only did I not have to see two bands I couldn’t care less about, I didn’t have to drive any further either! This also made the show much more palatable for Tiffany, so I actually had a partner! And another plus? Hoorray for no openers, just the good bands! Only two bands on the bill, so each got to play longer!

We got there just as the doors were opening at 7, and walked right in. Since Tiff’s ankle still isn’t a complete 100%, she set up shop right in front of the front left-side pillar. It was a great vantage point, plus she could lean, and hey, no one behind us! After the requisite killing time, Black Stone Cherry came out at 8. They started with the opening strains of Rain Wizard, which meant the handful of BSC fans there joined in on the culimination of the intro… “HERE COMES THE RAIN!” The Kentucky boys proceeded to rock the house, continuing the heavier stuff with Backwoods Gold and Blind Man. After admonishing the crowd for being a little too quiet, and then imploring some female booty-shaking, they came back with Please Come In and Soulcreek. The pleasant surprise of the night was next, as we got a b-side! Big City Lights (which the drummer said they hadn’t played in almost a year) was the tune, followed by Lonely Train, the singalong for Peace Is Free, and the closer was Maybe Someday. The band sounded excellent, singer Chris Robertson’s voice was strong, and I was thrilled to death that they were able to play for 45 minutes! I managed to snag the setlist from the soundboard after their set too.

Black Stone Cherry Setlist: Rain Wizard, Backwoods Gold, Blind Man, Please Come In, Soulcreek, Big City Lights, Lonely Train, Peace Is Free, Maybe Someday. (On the physical setlist, Big City Lights was a write-in, with Rev. Wrinkle crossed out.)

Only a half-hour wait between sets, and then it was time for the headliners. Theory of a Deadman came out to wild screams from the female contingent, and slammed into Crutch. Good choice for an opening song, followed by a newer favorite in Little Smirk. Then it was back to the old-school, with Nothing Could Come Between Us (curiously not as many people singing along to that one!). The boys brought it back to the newer two albums, with By The Way, All Or Nothing, Better Off, and So Happy, before a singalong with Make Up Your Mind. The crowd was interested throughout, so the band pressed on, hitting up Got It Made, Santa Monica, Not Meant To Be, No Surprise, and then another singalong with Hate My Life to close the main set. After a small break, the encore started with Hating Hollywood, and closed with their biggest hit to date (and probably the reason most people were there), Bad Girlfriend.

Theory of a Deadman Setlist: Crutch, Little Smirk, Nothing Could Come Between Us, By The Way, All Or Nothing, Better Off, So Happy, Make Up Your Mind, Got It Made, Santa Monica, Not Meant To Be, No Surprise, Hate My Life. Encore: Hating Hollywood, Bad Girlfriend

Theory as a band sounded great, Tyler was hitting the notes, but one could tell he was in his head voice for a couple songs, and it sounded kinda weird. But regardless of that, he didn’t sell any out, and it didn’t detract from the show at all. As the band is from the Vancouver area, it was only fitting that guitarist Dave Brenner had a flying-V guitar painted with a black, red and yellow motif, paying homage to the late 70’s Canucks jerseys! (I wish I had a good pic of it!) We had a great time, the crowd was into it, and weren’t a bunch of idiots, so that’s always cool. We scooted back to the merch booth after the show to get my BSC setlist signed, and those guys were very cool to talk to as well. We look forward to seeing both bands again!

Found a pic on the net of the Flying-V Canucks guitar! (Not mine, not from our show, ripped from an Alabama paper):

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2 Responses to “04/20/2009 Theory Of A Deadman, Black Stone Cherry (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)”

  1. sara Says:
    April 23rd, 2009 at 8:58 pm

    i would have expected the V logo to follow the V of the guitar

  2. Alex Says:
    April 26th, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    Sounds great. I’m in the UK and seeing them support Nickelback this May; CAN’T WAIT! I just hope they do end up playing Reverend Wrinkle as it is one of my favourite BSC songs!

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