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05/18/2013 Korn, Mindset Evolution, Love and Death (Big Flats, NY @ Tag’s Summer Stage)

By Eric | May 23, 2013 8:49 pm

My second show at Tag’s, and my second show with Tiff’s cousins and their friends. Talk about a good time. Nu-metal heaven… Korn, and HEAD’S BACK! We tailgated through most of Love and Death (Head’s other band), and all I could think of was “these guys sound like Adema”. From the parking lot they didn’t sound bad, just generic. We filed into the place during set change, and parked ourselves in a nice center spot, probably 20 people deep, for Mindset Evolution. These guys weren’t too bad either, pretty much your standard hard rock band that you’d hear on XM-Octane. Nothing particularly stood out, but its not like I was praying for it to end either. A good opener.

Mindset Evolution – Hopeless

Of course, the natives are getting restless by this point. Time for our trip down nu-metal nostalgia lane. as the unmistakable cymbal hits of Blind started. ARE YOU READY??? The place went predictably nuts. 16-year-old Eric came out of hiding, as the first four tunes were Blind, Ball Tongue, Twist, and Chi! Right about this time, one of the girls in our crew had made it up to the front with her boyfriend, then retreated back to us. She wanted to head back to the front. BF wasn’t enthused, and I never need a second invitation to “head for the barricade”… So up front we went! Spent the rest of the show, about 1 or 2 folks off the barrier. Really good crowd, everyone into it, lots of singing/screaming along, no idiots (around us anyway), and we had fantastic sightlines. As for the tunes, the balance of the set was a good spread of hits from the entire catalog, but still leaned old-school (Shoots & Ladders, Helmet in the Bush, No Place to Hide, Need To, Lies). Nothing from Korn III, Untitled, and only Coming Undone from SYOTOS. Not that this guy is complaining. I’ll take the old stuff any day. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Korn sound bad live (this was Korn show #6), and this was no exception. Jon was all over the place, the rest of the guys looked like they were having fun up there, and the crowd was loud. Recipe for a great show.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a little anecdote from the end of the show… We’re milling around waiting to gather the whole group together, and the guitar player for Mindset Evolution walks past, so I told him good show, fun to see you guys, etc., he’s talking to us for a second when some obviously drunk guy stumbles up to him and practically yells “GIMME A DRUMSTICK MAN!”. Beyond the hilarity of his, er, directness, asking the guitar player for a drumstick usually ain’t getting you too far! A pick, sure, but a drumstick? The poor kid is trying to explain that he’s the guitar player, but the guy doesn’t give up that easily; he finally ambles away, muttering “I just wanted a f#$%ing drumstick man…” Good luck with that!

Ball Tongue [Lodi Dodi / It Takes Two insert]
Falling Away from Me
Narcissistic Cannibal
Dead Bodies Everywhere
Coming Undone
Did My Time
Shoots And Ladders / Somebody Someone
Here To Stay
Helmet In The Bush
No Place to Hide
Need To
Another Brick In The Wall

Get Up!
Got The Life
Freak On A Leash


Another Brick In The Wall

Get Up

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