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05/24/2013 Hollywood Undead, American Fangs (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

By Eric | May 31, 2013 4:29 pm

[Stellar Corpses, Beware of Darkness also on the bill, didn’t see them.]

I’m not the world’s biggest Hollywood Undead fan, but I like them well enough, had the time and energy on the Friday night of a long weekend to go, so I said “what the hell”. I was taken quite aback as I rolled up on the Armory, seeing as there was no line outside, plenty of parking behind the Auditorium Theater (and for free!), and no real evidence there was a show happening. Definitely no hassle getting in, and I’d say the place was about half full. Probably more people than would have fit at Water Street, so it’s not like there was nobody there, in fact it was a pretty healthy crowd I’d say, but the Armory kinda looked empty. (Not sure there’s a good in-between venue anymore (Harro East isn’t really doing shows I don’t think).) Anyway, first time ever at the Armory with no beer lines! Walk right up to the counter? UNHEARD OF. This was probably also due to the fact that Hollywood Undead has a much younger audience than most of the stuff I go see, so while there were a good number of adults, there were a TON of kids at this show (read, teenagers). I guess I didn’t realize just how young their fanbase skewed.

So American Fangs opened; they’re a pretty straight-forward hard rock band, and were decent. None of the songs were particularly memorable, but they had a lot of energy, got the crowd riled up a bit. A solid opening band.

HU came out to a fairly raucous response, and started with Undead, which got everyone into it right off the hop. They spread the set out over the three albums, and sounded pretty damn good doing it. During Comin’ In Hot they brought up some young kid to sing with them, and while you could tell he was a little nervous, he wasn’t *that* nervous, and busted out a good deal of the lyrics! Kudos to that kid. The lead singer for American Fangs came out during Another Way Out to sing along too. They had a ton of energy, the kids in the crowd were having a good time, and like I said when I saw them at K-Rockathon a couple years ago, the fact that there’s live instruments, and everyone takes turns playing stuff, impresses me. They could easily just put 5 guys out in front of a backing track and call it a day, but they don’t. Plus their drummer was none other than Darren Pfeiffer, he of Goldfinger fame! It was a decently long 16-song set, for me, something to go see on a Friday night, and an all-around good time.

Hollywood Undead setlist:
Been to Hell
Dead Bite
Comin’ in Hot – with the little kid
My Town
Sell Your Soul
Paradise Lost
Another Way Out – with American Fangs lead singer
Hear Me Now
Everywhere I Go
We Are


Dead Bite / Been To Hell / Tendencies / Undead (the sound sucks, and he spliced the songs together in backwards order for some reason)

Comin In Hot – with the little kid

Everywhere I Go

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