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06/14/2019 Bush, Live, Our Lady Peace (Canandaigua, NY @ CMAC)

By Eric | June 16, 2019 9:08 am

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The soundtrack to high school! @bush @freaks4live @ourladypeace at @cmacevents last night – @gavinrossdale came pretty close to us during his tour of the seats! #concertpics #bush #live #olp #ourladypeace

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Jon and Art hauled up for this celebration of our high school soundtrack – billed as the ALTimate tour, it was the celebration of the 25th anniversary’s of Bush’s Sixteen Stone, Live’s Throwing Copper, and Our Lady Peace’s Naveed, all released in 1994. Holy crap I’m old.

Anyway, we walked in just as OLP was starting. It was kinda bizarre to see them as an opener, and the first of three at that. This being my 19th time seeing OLP, it was only the third time as any kind of opener, and the other two times they were direct support, both of which were 20 years ago! The setlist is barely worth complaining about because they only got a half-hour, but I will say it was cool to see the reactions for Superman’s Dead and Clumsy from a not-necessarily-there-for-OLP crowd. And yes, I wore the shirt!


Drop Me in the Water
Superman’s Dead
Somewhere Out There
Stop Making Stupid People Famous

Even though they were the middle band, Live played a longer set (14 songs), although two of them were covers. They were extremely solid, and just as good as when I saw them two years ago opening for GNR. Obviously the set was heavy on Throwing Copper tunes (8 out of the 14 on the album), and it was very cool to hear The Dam at Otter Creek and White, Discussion since I didn’t hear those the last time. They still had the two drummers, and sounded great. Art kept saying he didn’t know too many Live songs, put his over/under at 2.5, and I think we had him at at least 6 by the time the set was over!

The Dam at Otter Creek
All Over You
Selling the Drama
Losing My Religion (R.E.M. cover)
Shit Towne
The Dolphin’s Cry
Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones cover)
Lakini’s Juice
I Alone
White, Discussion
Heaven (Ed solo acoustic)
Turn My Head (Ed solo acoustic, joined by Chad at the end)
Lightning Crashes

I’d seen Bush four years prior at the Armory, and thought they were quite good then, and this show was much the same, if not shorter. They came out on fire with Machinehead, and judging from the other setlists from this tour, we then got a couple curveballs! The Chemicals Between Us and Swallowed hadn’t been played much, and I hadn’t seen Swallowed the last time I saw them. The new tunes were pretty good too (This Is War and Bullet Holes). Gavin went for a tour around the seats during Little Things and came fairly close, not close enough to touch this time however haha. The set was surprisingly short (11 songs), but of course heavy on Sixteen Stone, and was a good time nonetheless. Certainly sounded like high school!

The Chemicals Between Us
This Is War
The Sound of Winter
Everything Zen
The Disease of the Dancing Cats
Bullet Holes
Little Things

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