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06/01/2000 Staind, Apartment 26, Liquid Gang (Buffalo, NY @ Sideshow Music Hall)

By Eric | June 1, 2000 11:59 pm

Mary and I had a decision to make on this night, as The Watchmen were playing at Thursday in the Square at the same time. We chose this show, and it led to the one and only time we got kicked out of a show. (Read on for the reason.)

We’d never even heard of Liquid Gang prior to this, and we were quite impressed. They rocked! I wrote at the time that they sounded like Sevendust (which is sorta true I guess). Lots of stage prescence, we liked the songs quite a bit. I ended up joining the street team! Following them was Apartment 26, and talk about a 180. We were not impressed whatsoever. As I said then, “they tried to be a GLU/Gravity Kills/Stabbing Westward type band and failed miserably.” Just never got into it. So after the requisite wait, Staind came out, and immediately it wasn’t quite as good as the other couple times we’d seen them. They sounded a little loud and distorted, the crowd was a bit rowdy. We got to hear Break (off of Tormented) and a cover of Tool’s Sober, both of which were new to us and very cool. During the next song however, the barrier at the front split, and Mary got pushed through. That was bad enough, and then as I went to follow her, one of the security guards stopped me. Foolishly trying to reason with him to no avail, he kicked me out for going through the split. To this day I still don’t understand the reasoning. First and only time I’ve ever been kicked out of a show. Mary hadn’t been, but decided to step out with me anyway. We listened to two more songs from the parking lot, and we called it a night. Not sure why we didn’t head downtown to try to catch some of the Watchmen, but we didn’t. Not one of our finer concerts to be sure, but of the Staind tunes we did hear, we got two new ones!

I cannot remember who or what site I got these Liquid Gang pics off of, but I certainly didn’t take them.

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