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07/01/2004 Sister Hazel, JD Strumm (Pittsburgh, PA @ Hard Rock Cafe)

By Eric | July 1, 2004 11:59 pm

This was a fun road trip adventure of sorts… We made our way down to Pittsburgh, after checking into the hotel we arrived at the Hard Rock at about 5:00… at the same time the guys in Sister Hazel arrived in the taxi! Tiff briefly said hi, and we left them alone to get ready, while we bummed around Station Square. We decided to enter the Hard Rock at about 5:30, and had dinner there while we waited for the show to start, as they don’t kick you out if you’re eating. Which is awesome, because we got a table right in front of the stage, and then got to see the guys soundcheck! They played Effortlessly for the soundcheck, which they didn’t play during the regular set. The hard rock is a wonderful place to see a show, as its not very big at all. So about 8:15 they started clearing the tables out from the front of the stage, and we took up residence right at the front of the stage alongside some members of the bulletin board. JD Strumm was up first, and they were two guys with acoustic guitars just singin and playin… not too bad for an opener, definately kept everyone’s interest. Then it was Sister Hazel time! Since they took the railing down separating the band from the fans, we were practically on top of the guys while they were playing. They ran through an hour and a half set, marked by the fans singing along to just about everything. Tiff snagged a setlist, so you can scope that out down below. One addition to the list however, at the beginning of the encore, Ken came out by himself to play “Out There” acoustically, which was incredible. Tiff also got autographs from all the guys after the show, and pictures with 4 of the 5 guys. We had quite the excellent time in PA!

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