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08/19/2004 Gavin DeGraw, Toby Lightman (Buffalo, NY @ Thursday In The Square)

By Eric | August 19, 2004 11:59 pm

Tiff and I headed down the thruway to check out one of her favorite artists, Mr. DeGraw. However, before his set, we had a pleasant surprise of an opener by the name of Toby Lightman. At first glance, we thought we were in for a Lillith Fair type thing, as Toby is a female with an acoustic guitar. Nope, her stuff has more of an R&B feel to it, as evidenced by her cover of Mary J Blige’s Real Love. The rest of her set was quite engaging as well, with her single Devils and Angels, and a song alluding to the infamous “guy in the front row”. After her set, Gavin came on and hot damn if we weren’t at a teenybopper show. The screaming was deafening! He played everything off of Chariot, and then a couple of unreleased songs, plus covers! The show was almost a solid two hours, and he was quite the showman, definatley had the female members of the audience (and there were many) in a frenzy all night. It helps that he can perform, and his backing band was spot-on as well. A trip well-spent, and even better because the show was free!

Found a couple of short clips from the show on YouTube:

Let’s Get It On 1

Let’s Get It On 2

Follow Through


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