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08/22/2010 Rockstar Uproar Tour: Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour, Halestorm, Hellyeah, Airbourne, New Medicine, Hail The Villain (Darien, NY @ Darien Lake Performing Arts Center)

By Eric | August 30, 2010 4:18 pm

[As Summer Dies was the local band on the Jager stage, but we missed them.]

This one was a work party of sorts, with Jerry and Pete joining me for the show. We parked on the hill across the street, got our tailgate on, and wandered on into the venue. We missed As Summer Dies, and most of Hail The Villain on the side stage. We meandered around, checked out the grounds, waded amongst everyone else for New Medicine’s set, which wasn’t that interesting. Once it was time for Hellyeah, I left the guys in the back and drilled my way up to the front, right in front of guitarist Tom Maxwell. That suited me just fine, seeing as I’d worn an old Nothingface shirt on this day, and Tom noticed, even pointing it out to one of the crew! Needless to say, the short set was a lot of fun, Hellyeah ripped into the title/band name track, and then choice cuts from both albums. The crowd seemed into it from where I was at the front, the band was into it, pointing people out in the crowd, looking like they were having a “Hell Of A Time” up there also! I even managed to snag a drum stick from the legendary Vinnie Paul! I was pretty close to the left-side speaker stack, so I have no clue how good it sounded, as all I got was the wall of sound. For this performance, the nuances of the sound weren’t particularly important to me anyway, I was way more concerned with having fun!
Hellyeah setlist: Hellyeah, Goddamn, Matter of Time, Cowboy Way, Hell Of A Time, You Wouldn’t Know, Stampede, Alcohaulin’ Ass.


Cowboy Way

By the time Hellyeah was over, we hightailed it over to the pavilion, got to our seats in the 200’s, and missed the first couple songs of Halestorm’s set over on the mainstage. Given what got posted on Setlist.fm, it looks like it was largely the same set I saw at KRock a few weeks prior, so no harm no foul. We did manage to catch the end of “Familiar Taste of Poison” through to the end, including the drum solo, and of course “I Get Off”. They sounded excellent, and Lizzy was hitting the notes. Good times.
Halestorm setlist: It’s Not You, What Were You Expecting, Dirty Work, Familiar Taste of Poison, Drum Solo/Circle, Nothing to Do with Love, I Get Off.

At this point, I ran back out to the side stage area, and got in line for the Hellyeah signing, where I got autographs from all the guys in the band (Chad mentioned he saw me down front, Tom said he loved the old-school Nothingface shirt!), and I got Vinnie Paul to sign the drumstick I caught! Worth waiting in the line, for sure! As I got back to the main pavilion, Stone Sour had started, and they sounded great. They played a handful of new tunes (Mission Statement, Say You’ll Haunt Me, Digital) interspersed with the old standards. It’s still weird to see Corey and Jim without the coveralls and masks on! I hope they come back around and headline on the new album, I think its much more fun seeing them in a smaller place, however, no complaints about peformance here at all.
Setlist: Mission Statement, Reborn, Made Of Scars, Say You’ll Haunt Me, Come What(ever) May, Your God, Through Glass, Digital, Hell & Consequences, 30/30-150.

Avenged Sevenfold was next, and although I just saw them at KRock, this time they had their own stage setup, and it was quite impressive. Right before they started, they had a guy jump from the light rig at the top of the stage and “hang” himself, before they launched into “Nightmare”, and he hung there for the whole song! The rest of the set, music-wise, was very similar to KRock, but more running around, no stopping for hurt people in the crowd, and a much more reponsive crowd. There were a ton of A7X fans in attendance, and you could tell. Very cool for them, I don’t think they left disappointed at all.
Avenged Sevenfold setlist: Nightmare, Critical Acclaim, Welcome to the Family, Beast and the Harlot, Buried Alive, So Far Away, Afterlife, God Hates Us, Unholy Confessions, Almost Easy.

Finally, the band I know we all were waiting for took to the stage. Disturbed came out to the instrumental that leads off the new album, and launched into the title track, Asylum. From there, it was a no-nonsense hit parade, with track after track that everyone knew, everyone rocked out to, and everyone sang along with. There was very little talking in-between tracks, and I have a feeling that’s because they had a hard 11pm curfew, and had to get everything in. Visually, the large video screens behind the band were pretty cool, alternately showing video and random patterns of light. The band sounded very good, David Draiman’s voice was in fine shape, and when he did talk to the crowd between songs, it was to appreciate us being there. One cool thing they did this time around that I haven’t seen before was a medley of songs off The Sickness, but only the “cool” parts, ala what Korn did on Family Values with the “Shot Liver Medley”. On this night, Disturbed threw together parts of Fear, Meaning of Life, Numb, and Voices to great effect. Overall, their set was a lot of fun, and we had a great time. And the rain stopped just as it was time to leave, so no drenching for us!
Disturbed setlist: Remnants, Asylum, The Game, Prayer, Liberate, Land of Confusion (Genesis cover), Inside the Fire, Stricken, Fear / Meaning of Life / Numb / Voices, Another Way to Die, Stupify, Ten Thousand Fists, Indestructible. Encore: Down With The Sickness.

2010-08-22 Rockstar Uproar Festival @ Darien Lake

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