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09/27/2019 Shinedown, Papa Roach, Asking Alexandria (Buffalo NY @ KeyBank Center)

By Eric | September 28, 2019 6:13 pm

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Had a fun time Friday night down on the floor at the arena for @paparoach and @shinedown – Managed to get a pretty cool shot of @zmyersofficial along with the standard barely-in-focus full band shot of PRoach lol #shinedown #paparoach #attentionattention #whodoyoutrust #concertpics

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This show ended up being even more fun than I thought it was going to be! I rolled in from Rochester, got in, and made plans to meet up with Pete and Kiersten between sets, as they were on the floor, and I was in Section 106. All well and good, and then concert buddies come through – they text me the QR code for one of their floor tickets! Apparently the employees downstairs just glanced at the “ticket” on the phones, but didn’t scan it, and just put on the wristband. Not one to pass up an opportunity, I show the folks downstairs the “ticket”, and they didn’t scan it for me either! There was zero issue getting my wristband, getting on the floor, and frankly, “Getting Away With Murder”! *groan* I quickly found Pete and Kiersten, and settled in for Asking Alexandria. They’ve got to be one of the most popular bands that I just have no idea about, as I couldn’t name a single song, and I didn’t recognize any of the hits. They were okay, there were a good number of people there for them, but they still didn’t do anything for me.

Asking Alexandria
The Violence
Into the Fire
Where Did It Go?
The Death of Me
Moving On
When the Lights Come On
Alone in a Room

By this time, Chip had gotten in and met us (I forgot he had floor also; I have no idea what I was thinking getting seats!) and we joked about coming out of mosh retirement again, just like the last time we saw Papa Roach, in 2018 at the Armory (no, we didn’t come out of retirement this time). We probably couldn’t have anyway, as this was definitely a Shinedown crowd. That is to say, younger, and not really down to mosh. PRoach came out, started with Who Do You Trust?, which I’d consider a banger, and no one really moved much. Maybe it was better up front, but we were halfway back and didn’t get touched. They sounded really good, Jacoby was all over the place, he wandered through the crowd for one of the songs, and he sounded great too. The relative youth of the crowd was evident when PRoach switched from the newer stuff to the OG stuff – not the huge pop I would have expected for Between Angels and Insects, and that went back-to-back with Blood Brothers, which is always great live, but that got even less of a reaction. They probably knew it too, as Last Resort was NOT the closer, but rather third from last. They sprinkled in a couple more tunes and closed with To Be Loved. All us oldsters thought they were great, and couldn’t understand the lack of carnage on the floor, but it is what it is. It didn’t dampen our enthusiasm any!

Papa Roach
Who Do You Trust?
Getting Away With Murder
Between Angels and Insects
Blood Brothers
Come Around
Drum Solo
Last Resort
Born for Greatness
…To Be Loved

So I had seen Shinedown the previous July, however they were opening for Godsmack, and it was right after Attention Attention came out, so seeing them headline on this album and play more stuff from it was pretty cool. They opened with Devil (it was the closer last year!) and other than the new songs it was pretty much a greatest hits set, but damn if they don’t do it well. The stage setup was really cool, they used the video screens well, the band sounded great as always, and Brent sounded good too. I was glad to hear Monsters off the new one, and Cut The Cord was a highlight too. It was a super solid arena rock show, made even better by getting a floor hookup and hanging with awesome concert friends! It also never hurts when you can retreat from the arena to 716 and have a nightcap with your buds!

Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)
I’ll Follow You
Attention Attention
State of My Head
How Did You Love
Second Chance
Simple Man
Cut the Cord
Get Up
Sound of Madness


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