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09/03/2005 3 Doors Down, Staind, Breaking Benjamin, No Address (Darien, NY @ Darien Lake Performing Arts Center)

By Eric | September 3, 2005 11:59 pm

For our second show in three days, we rolled into Darien Lake. Much like the last show, this one had three bands I was excited to see, and one dud. Thankfully, the dud was the opener this time. No Address didn’t impress me when I saw them open for Shinedown back in March, and they weren’t any better this time out. The singer still sounds like he wants to sing for Oasis. Thankfully, they only got 20 minutes and played 4 songs. I only like you when you’re gone, too.

One half-hour set change later, Breaking Benjamin was up. I was interested to see them, as I was going to see them something like 3 different times prior to this and never ended up at any of them. They came out to Natural Life, and while my order isn’t quite right, they also did Away, Breakdown, Home, Polyamorous, Break My Fall, Simple Design, Sooner or Later, and closed with So Cold. The band sounded good, although they kinda looked like 4 guys jammin in their own worlds. The crowd was decently into them as well, although they were sitting for most of the openers until 3DD came on.

Staind was next, and I hadn’t seen them since May of 2003 (not counting seeing Aaron Lewis solo). I really like Staind’s new album, and was hoping that since the album has a bit more up-tempo songs from their last, that the show would follow suit. And for the first two songs, I thought I was right. Opening with Falling and right into Crawl, I got my hopes up. Then it was time to play just about all the singles and midtempo stuff. So Far Away (with a tease of the Beetlejuice song they did on Howard Stern), Fade, Everything Changes, For You, Outside, Right Here, a great cover of AIC’s Nutshell, Paper Jesus, Reply, It’s Been Awhile, and then closed with Mudshovel. They sounded great, the crowd was all about them, but as a jaded original fan, I would have liked to hear more than a greatest hits collection. I guess some things just can’t be the same anymore. I wasn’t disappointed because I was excited to see them regardless, but I’d certainly be picking a different setlist.

After the set change, 3 Doors Down came out on an almost completely stainless steel stage setup, and looked like they went to the Nickelback school of pyrotechnics. And only got a C. They had the same flame-shooter type things, and a couple of bangs, but it just works better with Nickelback. I have to say that I think 3DD got progressively better as the set went on, and I had a bit more fun as the set wore on as well. They also sounded very good, and obviously the crowd was very much into them. While not necessarily in order, they played Right Where I Belong, The Better Life, Kryptonite, Away From The Sun, It’s Not Me, Duck and Run, Landing In London, Be Like That, Loser, The Real Life, Changes, Let Me Go, Behind Those Eyes, and the closer was When I’m Gone. This show was a lot of fun, and worth going to, but we certainly had more fun at the Nickelback/Seether show two nights prior.

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