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09/09/2011 Carnival of Madness: Theory of a Deadman, Alter Bridge (Big Flats, NY @ Tag’s Summer Stage)

By Eric | September 20, 2011 1:55 pm

Due to the flooding in Binghamton and points north and east, Emphatic, Adelita’s Way, and Black Stone Cherry never made it to Big Flats. I’m betting a good chunk of the crowd didn’t make it either. Thus, it was a bit of a strange night at Tag’s. Essentially, you could turn your ticket in for a refund, or stick around for longer sets from the two headlining bands that did make it. I’d say 95% of the people hung around, and for good reason: They got two longer than usual sets from the two headliners! I came down after work and met up with Tiff’s cousin Michelle, Bob, Stef and Stef’s friend (whose name I can’t remember). We got in nice and close to the stage, and once Alter Bridge came on, we were in for a show. They opened with Slip To The Void, and once that song kicked in, so did the crowd. Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Tremonti put on a guitar clinic throughout the whole set, including a great back-and-forth soloing bit towards the end of the set. They played a mainly high-energy set, only slowing it down for Ghost of Days Gone By, and then Myles did an acoustic solo take on Watch Over You. The band sounded great, the crowd was into it, and it was a nice long set in lieu of the other bands not being able to make it. Alter Bridge was better when I saw them in Buffalo in 2008, and they were great then.
Alter Bridge Setlist: Slip to the Void, Find the Real, Buried Alive, Before Tomorrow Comes, White Knuckles, All Hope Is Gone, Ghost of Days Gone By, Ties That Bind, Blackbird, Isolation, Watch Over Me (Acoustic), Come To Life, Rise Today.

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White Knuckles

Guitar Duel / Rise Today

Theory of a Deadman was up next, and the crowd went even more nuts for them than they did for AB. Tyler’s voice sounded better than the last couple times I’ve seen them, so that combined with the band’s usual tightness made for an excellent show. The set was super-heavy on the latest two albums, with Gasoline only getting two tracks (Better Off and Santa Monica), and absolutely nothing off of self-titled. Yes, I’m whining, because those are just hands down better songs, especially live. However, the new stuff they did play sounded pretty good, including Gentleman and Bitch Came Back. They threw in a cover of Clapton’s Cocaine, and closed out the encore with The Truth Is… and naturally Bad Girlfriend. Again, no problems with how they sounded, but as an old-school fan, the setlist left a lot to be desired.
TOAD setlist: Gentlemen, Got It Made, All or Nothing, So Happy, Bitch Came Back, Not Meant to Be, Lowlife, Better Off, Out of My Head, Santa Monica, Cocaine (Eric Clapton cover), Hate My Life. Encore: The Truth Is, Bad Girlfriend.

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So Happy

Bad Girlfriend

On both counts, it was pretty damn cool of both bands to lengthen their standard CoM sets to make up for the other bands not being able to make it, and give those of us that did make it a really good show.

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