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10/08/1999 Creed, Our Lady Peace, Oleander (Syracuse, NY @ The OnCenter)

By Eric | October 8, 1999 11:59 pm

This show was a huge triple threat for us at the time. Mary and I were nuts for OLP, we really liked the Oleander album a lot, and Creed had just put out Human Clay and were one of the biggest bands in the country (and Scott Stapp hadn’t alienated everyone yet!). As college students with favorable class schedules, we got to the arena around 3:30 in the afternoon to try and meet the bands. And meet the bands we did! Tom Flowers, the lead singer of Oleander walked past us a couple of times, and we didn’t realize it was him because he looked nothing like the picture in the February Son liner notes! We met Rick and Doug from Oleander a bit later and when we asked them to apologize for us, they chuckled, saying the record company actually made them re-shoot some promo photos because of it! They also hooked us up with a couple of stickers, so that was pretty cool. We met everyone from OLP, spending the most time with Mike Turner, especially talking about the Clumsy Congress, but all of the guys were fantastically nice to us. We even met the Creed guys for half a second, Mark Tremonti was probably the nicest of the bunch. I also remember them all wearing these really nifty Maple Leafs varsity jackets.

So the show! We finally got inside, and I don’t think we ever went to our real seats (probably 15-20 rows back I think). I’ve never been fond of seats on the floor at an arena, but Syracuse has a law regarding it. We were pretty far back for Oleander’s set, which was about half of the album. Enjoyed it, but not as much as we would have up front. for OLP, we’d be a little more determined, and somehow, some way, we managed to get to the front barrier as OLP started (I still don’t know how we did it) for our first live glimpse of some of the Happiness songs. We had our usual raucous time up front, and got some good pictures.

OLP Setlist:
Automatic Flowers
Is Anybody Home?
Superman’s Dead
Lying Awake
Stealing Babies
One Man Army

We ended up milling around the arena, bouncing from row to row for Creed (there was no way we’d get barrier again, they started cracking down for the headliner!). They sounded really, really good, and we had a great time during their set. They played a lot of the “rock” songs still, without getting too bogged down in the sappy ballads until the end. It was a pretty decent mix of old and new songs as well.

Are You Ready?
Say I
Wrong Way
My Own Prison
Wash Away Those Years
What If
With Arms Wide Open
Faceless Man
What’s This Life For?


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