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Black Stone Cherry – 2008 – Folklore & Superstition

By Eric | December 23, 2013 1:00 am

Artist: Black Stone Cherry
Title: Folklore & Superstition
Label: Roadrunner
Released: Aug 19, 2008
Packaging: Jewel Case
Pack-in DVD
Release Type: Standard


#Blind Man
#Please Come In
#Reverend Wrinkle
#Things My Father Said
#The Bitter End
#Long Sleeves
#Peace Is Free
#Devil’s Queen
#The Key
#Ghost of Floyd Collins


While there are echoes of the past in their music – their fluid musicality recalls Zeppelin and they have an honesty often associated with bands like Skynyrd and the Black Crowes – it merely acts as a foundation for their music. Black Stone Cherry is a full-throttle modern rock band, with guitars that rage and a shuddering rhythmic attack. They sound as earthy and raw as Soundgarden, as heavy and fun as AC/DC, yet there’s a higher level of musicianship to their performances and song writing that makes them like no one else. Building on their phenomenal debut self-titled album, which consequently saw the band pick up “Best New Band” at the Classic Rock awards, the band have matured and delivered a second album that is destined to elevate them to the level they so rightly deserve. The first single from the album “Blind Man” manages to capture the essence of the bands stunning live performance, a live performance that managed to get them upgraded to the Astoria on their first UK headline tour. This gritty, raw, high energy track is beautifully married with an anthemic fist throwing chorus that’ll have the most reserved people on the tables. “Blind Man” will be the first of at least 3 singles which intended to cross the band over to a younger audience, whilst maintaining their strong “Classic Rock” following.

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