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Chimaira – 2007 – Resurrection

By Eric | December 23, 2013 1:00 am

Artist: Chimaira
Title: Resurrection
Label: Ferret
Released: Mar 6, 2007
Packaging: Jewel Case
Pack-in DVD DVD Included
Release Type: Limited Edition with Bonus DVD
Autographed Autographed


#Pleasure In Pain
#No Reason To Live
#Killing The Beast
#The Flame
#End It All
#Black Heart


The first CD after leaving Roadrunner is certainly a Resurrection for the band. Even after the brutality that was self-titled, this album is even better than that. The songs are all tight, there’s no filler, and since I pre-ordered, I got the limited edition with the autographed alternate cover and the pack-in DVD.

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