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Eric Hutchinson – 2007 – Sounds Like This

By Eric | December 23, 2013 1:00 am

Artist: Eric Hutchinson
Title: Sounds Like This
Label: Let’s Break
Released: Aug 28, 2007
Packaging: Digipack
Pack-in DVD
Release Type: Standard


#OK, It’s Alright With Me
#You Don’t Have To Believe Me
#Outside Villanova
#Food Chain
#Rock & Roll
#All Over Now
#It’s Hasn’t Been Long Enough
#Back To Where I Was
#You’ve Got You


We saw Hutch open for Toby Lightman at Geneseo a couple of years ago, and after an EP and a live EP, he finally has put out a full-length CD with a full band. I’d say it was worth the wait, as the reworking of songs from the first two CD’s certainly have added to them, and the new tunes are great as well. They’re typical Hutch fare, funky and fun, with sometimes snarky lyrics. As far as the singer-songwriter genre goes, hopefully Eric will make a name for himself, as I think he’s too good not to!

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