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Five.Bolt.Main – 2005 – Venting

By Eric | December 23, 2013 1:00 am

Artist: Five.Bolt.Main
Title: Venting
Label: Rock Ridge
Released: Sep 13, 2005
Packaging: Jewel Case
Pack-in DVD
Release Type: Standard


#The Gift
#Wait In Line
#Broken Compass
#What You Are
#Seem To Be Fine
#Life Of Mine
#Made Like This
#Bid Farewell


Brought to you by the former lead singer of Flaw (who broke up after two albums), and a couple of guys that were in a previous incarnation of that band. Having said that, this sounds like a progression of the two Flaw albums, and that’s a good thing. ‘Depressing Aggression’ I’ve heard these guys described as, and that’s accurate. Chris Volz can sing quite well, and it shines through. The songs are fairly heavy (in a Seether or Disturbed vein), and they threw in a ballad, which works. If you like the heavier end of what’s on the radio, you’ll dig this.

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