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Mike Doughty – 2011 – Yes & Also Yes

By Eric | December 23, 2013 1:00 am

Artist: Mike Doughty
Title: Yes & Also Yes
Label: Snack Bar
Released: Aug 29, 2011
Packaging: Digipack
Pack-in DVD
Release Type: Standard


#Na Na Nothing
#Into the Un
#Day by Day By
#Holiday (What Do You Want’)
#Strike the Motion
#Have at It
#Makelloser Mann
#The Huffer and the Cutter
#Rational Man
#Telegenic Exes #1 (Hapless Dancers)
#Weird Summer
#Telegenic Exes #2 (Astoria)


Things Mike Doughty Would Like You To Know About His New Album Yes and Also Yes:

1. The title, Yes and Also Yes was the headline of my profile on an online dating site. I improvised it, because they wouldn’t let me post until I wrote a headline. I was wretchedly unsuccessful at online dating.

2. The single, ‘Na Na Nothing,’ was partially stolen from a song written by Nikki Sixx, Dan Wilson (wrote ‘Closing Time’), and Matt Gerrard (wrote a bunch of tunes in ‘High School Musical’) (I got their permission to steal it)

3. ‘Holiday,’ a Christmas song, is a duet with Rosanne Cash. I did a show with her, and she said, onstage, ‘I feel nervous playing my new songs, because Mike Doughty is here, and he’s such a great songwriter.’ That blew my mind.

4. The song ‘Into the Un’ was written for, and rejected by the Twilight soundtrack. (It’s about goth kids on LSD in a train station)

5. I recorded it in a studio in Koreatown, Manhattan, from July ’10 to April ’11. Produced by Pat Dillett. Notable musicians included my trusty
factotum Andrew ‘Scrap’ Livingston on bass, and the pianist Thomas Bartlett, aka Doveman, who basically plays with everybody who’s groovy (Justin Bond, Antony and the Johnsons, Glen Hansard, The National, David Byrne, Yoko Ono). I’m releasing it on my own label, Snack Bar, through Megaforce. I split with Dave Matthews’ label ATO so I could run my own shop and have more control, business-wise.

6. I wrote most of the songs at the legendary artists’ colony Yaddo, where Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copland, James Baldwin, Truman Capote, Flannery O’Connor, Carson McCullers, Sylvia Plath, and a lot of other all-time giants worked. It was founded by a railroad tycoon’s wife, in her mansion, built in the 1890s. They put up artists for a month or two, feed them in an opulent dining room, and give them space and time to work.

7. I used a capsule of the antidepressant duloxetine as a percussion instrument on some tracks. I held the tiny pill between my thumb and
forefinger, put it close to the mic and shook it so it made a shcka-shcka-shcka! sound.

8. I wrote a book about my ugly, drug-doing years called The Book of Drugs. It’s coming out in 2012 on Da Capo/Perseus.

9. The song ‘Makelloser Mann’ is in German.

10. I play a Chinese lute (called a zhong ruan) on the song ‘Telegenic Exes, #1’

11. In the liner notes, I say I exclusively wear Paul Smith suits and Sol Moscot eyeglasses, and eat only gummi bears made by Haribo. I did this because I hope they’ll send me free stuff.

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