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Pearl Jam – 2009 – Backspacer

By Eric | December 23, 2013 1:00 am

Artist: Pearl Jam
Title: Backspacer
Label: Monkeywrench
Released: Sep 20, 2009
Packaging: Cardboard
Pack-in DVD
Release Type: Standard


#Gonna See My Friend
#Got Some
#The Fixer
#Johnny Guitar
#Just Breathe
#Amongst The Wave
#Unthought Known
#Speed Of Sound
#Force Of Nature
#The End


The latest release from the Seattle fivesome is arguably their most upbeat and “happiest” record. It’s also one of their shortest. These facts in no way are a detriment to how good of an album this is, and how good the songs are. Lots of solid, pure, “rock-n-roll” tunes, and a couple of ballads, including “Just Breathe” which sounds as if it could have come off of Eddie’s solo album. Also of note, since the album was self released, they didn’t wait for a traditional Tuesday release date, and instead gave the record exclusively to Target for a Sunday release. All the artwork was done by political cartoonist Tom Tomorrow.

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